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Douglas Pilarski

A Recent Study By Glamira Ranks The Most Luxury-Obsessed Cities

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The results are in. America has acquired a taste for the finer things in life.

Our nation’s capital ranks number one as the most luxury-obsessed area in the United States. The District of Columbia ranked at the top in several search terms related to luxuries, such as luxury apartments, hotels, brands, and vacations.

New York, in second place, is no stranger to luxury. The city is packed with extravagant hotels, luxurious boutiques to keep you shopping endlessly, and world-class fine dining and restaurants boasting Michelin stars. Your vagabond shoes know the city is a can’t-miss haven for the luxury-minded. Just think of all the classic movies set at the Ritz or Plaza.

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Residents of the Sunshine State and their pursuit of luxury real estate and cars place Florida firmly on our list in third. Check the luxury listings in the Miami area to see why. Some condos are fine motoring themed and even include a world-class luxury supercar in the price of the most exclusive properties. All you need to join the elite ranks here is a boatload of cash and a pair of Gucci sunglasses.

“There are various ways to experience luxury, whether heading on a vacation to stay in a five-star resort or perhaps purchasing high-quality jewelry that will last a lifetime. It’s no doubt that Americans desire a lavish lifestyle. Still, one thing for certain is that the east coast has a particularly keen interest in luxury, with nine of the areas in the ranking belonging to this region. However, with one of the areas in the top 10 being on the west coast, it will be interesting to see if other nearby areas follow suit and develop a luxury obsession.” -Glamira Spokesperson.

In the fourth spot, New Jersey makes our list mainly due to its proximity to the Big Apple. Residents of New Jersey don’t need to travel too far for a bite of the luxury lifestyle apple.

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Connecticut landed fifth on the list. The state earned a high score in luxury vacation searches. As we know, there is no shortage of luxury travel destinations. Residents here want their world-class travel.

Georgia and Virginia tied for sixth place. Both states have an appetite for luxury goods. Georgia earned the survey’s top score in searches for luxury cars, and Virginia was not far behind.

California is the only west coast state to place in the top ten. Chock full of iconic destinations across the state, the finer things in life live here. From a string of Rodeo Drive boutiques to spectacular seaside hotels, Cali went seventh on Glamira’s list.

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Our survey defines the east coast’s taste for luxe. Maryland ranked number eight on our list. Falling in with Georgia and Florida, Marland’s pursuit for the finer things is noted.

Last on our top ten list is one of the nation’s most expensive states. Massachusetts rounds out our look at the luxury lifestyle locales. The state boasts many high-profile cities and an array of incredibly luxurious apartments to dazzle your days.

Glamira, the experts in customized jewelry, conducted this research. Learn more at glamira.com

Douglas Pilarski is an award-winning writer and journalist on the west coast and covers luxury goods, horology, exotic cars, CJ-CX, workplace issues, fine dining, lifestyle, and millionaire travel. He is a regular contributor to NewsBreak.com and Journal Blue on Medium.com.

Contact him at douglas.pilarski@sawyertms.com.

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