Deciding Between A Jet Or A Yacht?

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Sounds Like A Happy Problem To Have -To Decide Between A Yacht And A Jet
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Imagine Your Yacht

First of all, we are not talking a runabout with a 40 hp Johnson. We are also not talking about a super mega yacht either. Let's take it to 110 ft. That should do it. Do we need a helicopter pad? No. As long as we have dinghies, we are ok. Does it need to have a pool? No. A large sundeck? Yes. You can always jump in the water to cool off. Inside should be what you would expect. Nice, roomy, comfy everything. We'll need a place to plug in our phones. The bedrooms should also be high-tech-looking.

We will be cruising the gentle waters of the Mediterranean. Lots of sunsets, exploring the coast, and easy living. I plan on dropping in on all the great European locations. I would enjoy coming and going as I please. I could do this all summer.

I like the yacht since it is self-contained. You can live on the thing. Great food, fun locations, people with suntans, cozy and warm with all the amenities. Oh, I almost forgot. I will need a Rolex. I need to tell time while splashing around in the Med. Is there a downside to choosing a yacht? Maintaining such a luxury life requires plenty of cash to pay for staff and amenities.

You will need a credit card. So don't leave the yacht without it. The day will come when it is time to fill up with fuel. You will need to speed dial your credit card company to inform them you are popping for $15,000+ in diesel fuel. Declined at this pump would be a disaster!

The Private Jet
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This is a different kind of luxury. The first issue is how large of a plane you will need to get you where you are going? Seating for four, eight, sixteen, or more? Yes, that is first. Figure out how many best friends you have and plan.

Then I guess range is the next most important. How far are you going? Are you flying from Hong Kong to Rio? Cairo to London? Miami to Lisbon? Denver to St. Louis? You will need to figure this out beforehand.

A private jet means your airport experience is different from flying commercial. You have a lot less of the hassles. No taking off your shoes, dealing with NSA, and locating luggage that went to Cheyenne when you went to Tampa. Unlike a yacht, you can not live on a jet. A jet is a point A to point B proposition. Yes, your family and friends are with you. No opportunity for lounging, dining, or sunning yourself on a deck.

Instead, you need to focus on assembling your guests at an airport and a specific time. Getting all the papers in order, then getting to a destination. Once landed more logistics. How do we get to where we are going? Jetting off to the hotel in the city center or pulling up to a chalet for some skiing and winter fun will take planning. When it is time to return, repeat the process in reverse. A private jet seems to be more logistics-intensive. Your days on the yacht are slower and more relaxed.

Besides the costs involved, jetting to Seattle for dinner is never out of the question. Have a meeting in Montreal this Wednesday? You can pretty much leave Austin early in the day, land in Montreal, and get back in the same day. Leave Atlanta with a group of executives - drop them off in DC, Chicago, and Detroit in the morning. Pick them up at the end of the day for a return trip? Not a problem - yell TAXI? Better make it that a Leer Jet, and have it fueled and waiting in hangar 9.

So, where are we now? A private jet sounds enticing. Having one gives you options about when and where you travel. The yacht sounds ideal if leisure is on the top of the list. You will have room for an office, so working a day while your guests play is easy. A jet is a tool for a busy traveler. The yacht seems like a complete solution. Both places demands on the bank account for sure. Think spigot.

Now it's time for you to choose. This one or the other? We have places to go and things to do, people to see. So are we flying or floating? Which one gets the nod?

Now about that Rolex.

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