Classic Formula One Livery - The Jordan 191

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Michael Schumacher Drove This Car At Spa-Francorchamps In His F1 Debut At The Belgian GP
The 1991 Jordan 191Photo via Pinterest

The Jordan 191. Fitted with a Ford Cosworth HBA4 3.5L V8, it produced 650 horsepower. The car is legendary- the very car F1 legend Michael Schumacher drove in his F1 debut at Spa.

They don’t make cars like this anymore. The 191 was all about pulling power, handling, and speed in a straightforward design.

Today, a driver rolls out onto the track with a machine that is so high-tech, it takes a team to start the engine. Computers control everything. Telemetry ensures the car is in constant communication with race control and team engineers.

Computers send real-time data from computers back to the factory. The Jordan 191 was all driver. The steering wheel was without electronics, and the car shifted gears according to the hand input by the driver. Old school compared to current Formula One specs.

Schumacher drove the 191 only once in a race, The Belgian GP. Two weeks out from his F1 debut. Benetton chief Flavio Briatore wrangled the 22-year-old, and Michael joined his team just hours before the next race in Italy.

The 191 strutted the 7up colors. The 191 was known for a gorgeous green on top with a rich blue around the bottom. The 7up logo flies proudly. Look closely at the shape of the car. A sloping nose with a large front wing takes you to the cockpit.

Compared to today’s cars, there is not much protection for the driver in the 191. The rear wing cleans up the airflow as it closes around the Jordan. You will also notice the car is much lower to the track than today's cars. Ground effects were used to stick the car to the track.
Schumacher Behind The Wheel At SpaPhoto via Pinterest

Jordan built six of these cars. Team owner Eddie Jordan hired Schumacher, then a Mercedes Team driver, to drive the 1991 entry at the Belgian GP. Spa-Francorchamps is the perfect place for such a debut.

There was a recent TV special where Schumacher’s son Mick, currently an F1 driver for Haas, takes his Dad’s car out for a spin 30 years later. I am sure it was a special moment for Mick, his Dad, and the entire family.

Race fans had the chance to remember a classic Formula One car in its glory once more.

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