My Plan To Fix Major League Baseball

Douglas Pilarski

We have to fix this fast. Our game is at stake.
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I have been watching baseball my entire life. Here is what worries me about the changes to the game.

What happened to the play at the plate? One of the best, most exciting moments in sport begs the question, can he beat the throw. Let catch block the plate too. I was a catcher. I blocked the plate. You were not getting past me if I had the ball. No one ended up in traction. It is a skill. Tell me, you cannot teach a guy to slide and not bulldoze the catcher? Really?

A 30-second pitch clock to speed up the game?

The National League needs the Designated hitter immediately. No debate here - nothing ruins the two-out rally in the bottom of the eighth faster than sending the pitcher to the plate with his bat in his hand. Nothing!

Why are there only a handful of pitchers who can pitch? Not naming names, I watched 162 this year. I could not believe my eyes. 38 pitches with two outs in the bottom of the second happened a lot. Man, this guy has a rubber nose. Is that a professional ballplayer with a big-league contract? And do not get me started on relievers. My team this year was sure to load the bases in the seventh with a two-run lead. It was excruciating.

One more thing, we are NOT renaming the BULLPEN. It has been the BULLPEN for decades. Full stop.

Can we find an outfielder who can throw the ball in the general direction of home plate? I have been watching this for years. Twelve feet up the third-base side is not acceptable.

Talk about bad looks? How about three or four major league umps, standing in front of the dugout, one with headphones, another looking at the video, trying to figure what to do about the call they just missed. This is not baseball. It looks bad.
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The infield shift has to stop. Make it go away tonight. Nothing takes the wind out of the game faster. Like walking Ohtani 4 times a night, 11 times on the weekend. Let a guy hit. This is bush league softball, not Major League Manager genius. What a disgrace.

One final thought, we must put an end to the phenomenon of players in long pants. I don't care what the player wants. It does not belong in baseball. This is baseball, MY BASEBALL. Stop torturing me. Let's put an end to the long pants today.

Come on Commish! You are missing a great game.

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