A new survey says evangelical Christians are the most unfavored-Coincides with recent suspicions about Hillsong Church


Recent survey results indicate that the current perception of evangelical Christians in the United States is becoming increasingly negative. This negative view of evangelicals has slowly grown over the last few years. [i]

Various factors have contributed to a shift in public opinion. These include the politicization of evangelicalism, the association with specific controversial social issues, and the rise of religious fundamentalism. Evangelical Christians have been increasingly viewed negatively by many Americans. This has created a widespread negative perception of them. [ii]

This can be seen in the ongoing scandal surrounding Hillsong Church, a well-known megachurch with multiple branches across the globe. The church has been hit by a series of controversies, including allegations of financial misconduct and moral failings by its leaders. [ii]

Overview of the Survey Results

According to a recent survey by the Pew Research Center, evangelical Christians are the most unfavored religious group in America. The survey found that only 34% of Americans have a favorable view of evangelicals, while 54% have an unfavorable view. [iii]

This is a significant shift from just a few years ago when most Americans viewed evangelicals favorably. The survey also found that evangelical Christians are viewed less favorably than other religious groups, including Catholics, Jews, and Muslims. [iii]

These findings are particularly troubling for evangelicals, who have long been influential in American politics and culture. Evangelicals have played a significant role in shaping American values and beliefs, and their influence can be felt in everything from education policy to social issues.

Local Impact

In Southern California, Hillsong USA has three locations: Hillsong Church Los Angeles, located in the heart of Hollywood, California; Hillsong Church Orange County, located in Costa Mesa, California; and Hillsong San Francisco, located in the Bay Area city of San Francisco, California. [iv]

Each of these locations offers weekly services and other spiritual and outreach ministries, such as youth and children's ministries, prayer meetings, bible studies, and various outreach events. [iv]

Watch below as Hillsong recently responds to the rumors.

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