Teen buys a DNA test kit-Utter chaos ensues once he receives the results that say his dad is likely his half-brother


A 19-year-old asked a question anonymously. The question was about the accuracy of a DNA test he had taken with his father and its effect on their relationship. He asked the question in a public forum. [i]

The 23 and Me test results indicated they only shared 29.2% of their DNA. [i]

The 19-year-old pondered if the result was accurate. He questioned if it should be at 50% if his father were, in fact, his biological father. He wanted to know the forum's opinion. [i]

He wanted to gain a better understanding of the results. He also wanted to make sure the results were accurate. [i]

The man says that he and his father chose to jump on the bandwagon of doing genetic tests and similar undertakings. After they received the test results, he went to the internet to seek advice and guidance on interpreting them. [ii]

It wasn't until he posted his findings online that the sheer gravity of the situation became fully apparent to him – the realization of his ancestry hit him like a ton of bricks. He says he stormed downstairs to confront his mother without thinking. [ii]

The man's mother had been trying to hide the truth about who his father was, but the man refused to keep it from him. His mother was so distraught that she broke down in tears and pleaded with him not to tell his father, but the man was adamant and walked away, leaving her behind. [iii]

He was so enraged that he felt he could no longer keep the truth to himself and decided to call his cousin and newly-discovered half-sibling, spilling out all the details of the DNA test. [iii]

He wanted them to know the truth and be sure they heard the news from him first rather than through any other means. He was embarrassed but knew he had to tell them what he had recently discovered. [iii]


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