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Video of a bony lion in a Chinese enclosure stresses the essence of PETA's recent court win against a Californian Zoo


PETA is celebrating a recent court victory that ruled that the Monterey Zoo in Salinas, California, had failed to demonstrate that the use of canes to control their elephants was an activity that the First Amendment protected. [i]

The court found that the zoo had been using the canes to poke, prod, and control the elephants, which was not an activity that was protected under the First Amendment. [i]

This ruling is seen as a small victory for animal rights activists, who are seeking to limit the use of bullhooks, whips, and other instruments of force used to control animals. The court ruling is seen as a step in the right direction in the effort to protect animals from cruel and unnecessary treatment. [i]
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Recently, a lion named Ala was videoed at an enclosure in Nanjing, China. The lion was videotaped, appearing severely emaciated and unkempt. Now, critics around the globe are asking if the zoo is starving its animals. [ii]

The lion lives in an enclosure in Nanjing Jinniu Lake Safari Park in Nanjing Jinniu Lake Wildlife Kingdom. Footage of the lion was initially shared on Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok. The lion is seen staggering down several steps appearing unsteady and malnourished. This has prompted a wave of outrage online. [ii]

Watch the video below of Nanjing Jinniu Lake Safari Park.

The outrage highlights the importance of victories like PETA's recent court victory that allows PETA to now move forward with its lawsuit alleging that they are breaking the law by using their canes as weapons against the elephants in defiance of California's prohibition on bullhooks and other tools created to cause pain to train or control the animals. [i]

How can people get involved locally?

Locally, Californians can become volunteers with the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance (SDZWA) Joining San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance (SDZWA) provides the chance to serve as a Conservation Ambassador and help craft a fantastic experience for visitors of the San Diego Zoo and San Diego Zoo Safari Park. [iii]

You will be able to communicate with people from various places and assist them in becoming advocates for wildlife by introducing them to the impressive creatures and conservation efforts of San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance. Click here for more information on joining the SDZWA. [iii]

Read more about Monterey Zoo, voted the #5 worst zoo for Elephants in 2021, and watch the full video of Ala, the lion, here.

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