10 years ago today, Kevin Spacey acted in Netflix's first new original-Fans say House of Cards is one of the best series

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Ten years ago today, on February 1, 2013, Netflix began streaming its first original series, House of Cards. In 2007 Netflix had already started directly streaming many of its titles for a flat monthly fee, transforming how Americans consume television and movies. [i]

How Netflix rose to the top

Randolph and Hastings offered to sell Netflix to Blockbuster in 2000, but Blockbuster declined. Netflix is credited with nearly single-handedly driving Blockbuster and other video rental stores out of business. Following the unaccepted offer, the streaming giant released its first significant TV show in 2013, House of Cards. [ii]

Kevin SpaceyPhoto byMaryland GovPics, CC BY 2.0/Spartan7W, Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons

Why was House of Cards such a significant and historical release?

The innovative Netflix original series was the first major television show that ran solely on a streaming service. additionally, the first season of House of Cards was released all at one time, instead of episode-by-episode, as was the norm. [iii]

Netflix users adored the political drama, making it a smash hit that garnered nine Emmy nominations with seven wins. The show follows a Congressman working with his conniving wife to obtain revenge against all those who betrayed him. [iii]

Flash back to the original trailer of Netflix’s House of Cards below.

House of Cards cast

The cast of House of Cards includes many fan favorites. Some of the lead roles of the House of Cards cast include:

  • Kevin Spacey as Francis Underwood
  • Robin Wright as Claire Underwood
  • Michel Gill as President Garrett Walker
  • Michael Kelly as Doug Stamper, and
  • Justin Doescher as Frank Underwood’s security. [iv]

Will there be a house of cards season 7?

The House of Cards cast and makers say there will not be a House of Cards season 7. Kevin Spacey had to walk out of the show after Anthony Rapp’s shocking allegations against Spacey. Many fans were bewildered by the show’s cliffhanger ending, with some maintaining hope Netflix might resurrect the series. Now that Spacey has recently been found not liable in the suit brought by Rapp, it may be possible for the nixed series to return. [v]

Watch a compilation of clips featuring Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey)

Watch the video below for an update on Spacey being found not liable just three months ago.

All six seasons can be purchased and watched here on YouTube.

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