New mom recently shares video of first moments bonding with her newborn-He came out clutching his mother's birth control

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Violet Quick, a twenty-year-old married to John Francis, recently shared a startling video showing her newborn baby boy holding tightly to his mother’s IUD after birth. It has now been just over a week since the new mom shared the video capturing those priceless first moments with baby boy Rudy. [i]

How did Violet discover she was pregnant?

Violet says she had a Skyla IUD for roughly nine months before she fell pregnant. She says she began to feel nauseous for nearly two weeks, occasionally throwing up. This is what prompted her to take a pregnancy test, despite being on birth control. Violet says the test turned positive immediately, taking her by surprise. She then proceeded to take six more pregnancy tests to confirm. [ii]

Violet would later check in to the ER. Following several tests, doctors would confirm that she was already seven weeks pregnant. After discovering the unexpected pregnancy, the new mother gave her followers a stark warning. She says that even if they are on birth control, which is said to be 99% effective, they should still take a pregnancy test. Violet recommends testing whenever they have signs of pregnancy or a late menstrual period. [iii]

What is the likelihood of becoming pregnant while using an IUD?

According to the International Journal of Women’s Health, typical-use of the IUD results in a first-year pregnancy rate of 0.1%. Of those individuals, approximately two out of 10,000 women with a hormonal IUD will experience an ectopic pregnancy. They also advise that miscarriages are more common while using the IUD as well. [iv]

Doctors recommend immediate removal of the contraceptive device if pregnancy is discovered. There will be times, however, when removal could potentially endanger the life of the mother or pregnancy, in which case the device will be left in. [v]


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