What happens when there are too many limitations to fly with all your dogs-A young couple recently paid thousands to fly

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Recently, a young couple, Melanie and Albert Demi were attempting to take all of their dogs with them on a dream trip across Europe. When contacting travel companies, the couple quickly realized that they would encounter problems due to restrictions imposed by the companies. [i]

Why couldn't the couple bring their dogs by air cargo?

The couple shares a Dachshund mix known as Brooklyn, a Great Dane named Lucas, and a Golden Retriever called Cooper. Their Great Dane Lucas weighed too much to travel by air cargo. Additionally, the only pet-friendly cruise liner refused to accept Lucas’ breed. [ii]

What is a chartered flight?

Although they genuinely desired to take their trip, they could not bear the thought of leaving their beloved three dogs behind. Soon after running into several difficulties with finding a company to transport their dogs, the couple came up with a brilliant idea. [iii]

They determined that they would begin saving money so that they could charter their own private jet and have their dogs aboard without any issues. Chartering a flight allows you to rent the entire aircraft. [iv]

Finding like-minded travelers in similar situations

The couple quickly began to team up with several other dog-owning travelers to assist them with the cost of chartering the private jet. The pair was lucky enough to discover 10 other couples who were also heading to Europe with their dogs. [v]

How much does it cost to charter a private jet?

After three months of planning, the trip was set. Ultimately, each person paid $11,000 individually. This amounts to over $100,000 for the entire flight. Melanie shared how she cherished this opportunity stating,

“Being able to travel in general is something I’m very grateful for, but doing it with the dogs makes me feel very lucky.”[vi]

All three of the couple's dogs.Photo bySWNS/Melanie Demi


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