Critics slam new Sam Smith video as unhealthy, not good for society-Good Morning Britain host says it's aimed at teens

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Despite surpassing four million views, the new Sam Smith music video I’m Not Here to Make Friends has garnered mixed reviews from the public. On ITV’s Good Morning Britain, Alex Phillips recently classified Sam Smith’s divisive music video footage as “unhealthy” after he was corrected for misgendering Smith. Smith recently revealed that he was non-binary and uses the pronouns they/them. [i]
Sam Smith in his newest music video, I'm Not Here to Make Friends.Photo bySam Smith

What is the new Sam Smith controversial video about?

The brightly colored music video features Smith dancing in various skin-baring, arguably salacious costumes–at one time donning jet-black platform shoes with a glittery golden cape as he swings from a crystal chandelier. The accompanying dancers vary in dress from formal gowns to men in nothing but leather underwear, dancing suggestively throughout the four-minute music video. [ii]

Watch the full Sam Smith video below.

Public reception continues to be a mixture of sentiments

Sam Smith, I’m Not Here to Make Friends, continued to receive widespread criticism. So, Smith took to Instagram, posing shirtless with black heart-shaped pasties. Some have called it “a bold statement” as the music artist seems to have brushed off the looming controversy surrounding his recent work. [iii]

Smith’s supporters quickly pointed out that his video doesn’t differ much from a laundry list of similarly risque videos that have been released in the past. Many mentioned Madonna’s Like a Prayer music video, suggesting that had Madonna made a similar video, she would not have received such criticism. Also mentioned were Miley Cyrus’ music video Wrecking Ball and Cardi B’s controversial music video WAP. [iv]

Watch the official video to Like a Prayer below.

Ultimately those in opposition to the “raunchy” nature of Smith’s new video are calling for it to be age-restricted on platforms like YouTube due to its content. With the rise in popularity of content with a “shock factor,” Smith’s video may boil down to nothing more than a publicity stunt to further boost his numbers for I’m Not Here to Make Friends. [v]

Watch a clip from the Good Morning Britain commentary in the video below.


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