A mom group now says that a new HBO spinoff should be canceled-The main character has new preferences than once scripted

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One Million Moms (1MM) is a group that recently announced its belief that parents should “not be fooled by Velma, the new adult Scooby-Doo cartoon series now streaming on HBO Max.” The organization has a dedicated petition on its website for interested parties to sign, urging HBO Max to cancel the new adult animated series, Velma. The new Velma is of South Asian descent, and she is, apparently, not the Velma some have come to grow and love. [i]

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Everyone is asking, “Where is Scooby Doo in Velma?”

According to the 1MM petition, “Warner Bros. Animation would not give the creators of Velma the rights to use the iconic dog Scooby in this adult series.” Their statement implies that Scooby-Doo’s nonexistence in the recent animated spinoff suggests that the Network may not have approved of how the show was planned and scripted. [ii]

Still, why is Velma so bad that it needs to be canceled?

According to the 1MM organization, Velma portrays Velma as a woman who is romantically interested in other women. Additionally, the organization is adamant that the show is not the one that it once was, asserting that HBO Max “has ruined the Scooby-Doo creation.” They label the program as having a “perverted nature,” stating further,

Velma features lots of nudity, violence, and gore, including an oozing corpse. The new show targets a mature audience and addresses subjects unsuitable for anyone, much less for children. [iii]

They continue,

Now, this reboot of Velma will also feature limbs being severed, one of the main characters going to a strip club with her dad, and two teenage obys making out at their high school. How many parents want to explain to their children why they can no longer watch the familiar gang of characters in Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated? [iv]

What is Velma rated?

Many have responded to the recent petition pointing out that the show is rated TV-MA for a reason– because it is not kid-friendly. Watch the official trailer for the HBO Max animated series below. [v]

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