Russian convicts recently release a promo video- It says that those who enlist will easily earn quick career progression

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Some Russian soldiers fighting in Ukraine are former prisoners recruited to bolster Russia's armed forces. Recently, a group released a video message urging their fellow convicts to enlist in the Kremlin military. [i]
A screenshot of Russian soldiers from a recently released promo video.Photo byYarem

The soldiers begin the video with a greeting and detail how they have been fighting for five months, "defending the Motherland." They boast about moving up the career ladder, occupying new territories, and how fantastic it is to receive medals and awards for their military service. They even go as far as classifying it as a life-changing opportunity saying,

Life is changing, changing for the better. We are occupying new territories. [ii]

Watch the video of the soldiers below.

Despite Russian soldiers asserting that all is well in the war, another recently shared video reveals an opposing viewpoint. Some say it depicts Russian soldiers suffering from hypothermia as they sluggishly react to a grenade being dropped nearby. It is asserted that because the Russians lack appropriate winter gear, they cannot respond appropriately when threatened. [iii]

A separate video depicts Ukrainian soldiers' response to grenades being dropped. Unlike the seemingly immobilized Russian soldiers, the soldiers can be seen quickly running in response to the threat. [iv]

The actual state of the Russian military is further questioned as Ukrainian Defence Minister Advisor Yuriy Sak recently said in an interview,

Russian soldiers have been dying on the battlefield, you know, on average, they are getting killed. 500 soldiers a day. We've destroyed now over 90,000 Russian soldiers.

He continued,

The partial mobilization that they held didn't actually give them any additional strength on the battlefield because the newly mobilized, they arrived on the battlefield poorly prepared, poorly armed, and as a result they die in battles. [v]

Watch the full interview below.

On Dec. 2, The Ministry of Defence shared a map illustrating that there has been a slow, steady pushback by Ukraine to regain territory since the MoD's Sept. 22 update. View both maps below.

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