Chinese travel rules separated a couple- A woman reunites with her husband after three years only to die the same day

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A couple, Nika and Ouyang, traveled from China to Russia in September 2019, the year they were married, to visit Nika's mother. Ouyang stayed only briefly, returning to China shortly after. Nika, a Russian citizen, planned to return several months later. The couple maintained their relationship but had been unable to reunite due to China's introduction of travel restrictions preventing Nika from re-entering China. [i]
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For three years, the couple was separated, unable to reunite until October of this year. Nika had finally made her way back to Ouyang in China. On the day when they reunited, Ouyang said,

We were both crying and hugging for five minutes, I was happy, extremely happy. However, tragedy happened on our way home. [ii]

Ouyang says that as they were driving along the expressway, Nika began having trouble breathing. Ouyang quickly drove her to a nearby hospital. Upon arrival, doctors diagnosed Nika with cardiac arrest. The cause was indicated to be a "massive lung pulmonary embolism." [iii]
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In the face of losing his wife, Ouyang, with the consent of Nika's mother, agreed to donate Nika's organs. Nika's liver and kidneys have been transplanted into four people. Nika's liver was split into two parts and transplanted into a teenager with liver failure and an adult with liver cancer. Nika's kidneys were donated to two uremia patients. [iv]

Nika's organ donation is believed to be a Russian citizen's first organ donation in China. [iv]

The US Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs recently issued a China Travel Advisory classifying China as 'Level 3: Reconsider Travel.' The advisory recommends travelers reconsider travel because of "arbitrary enforcement of local laws and restrictions" and "due to wrongful detentions." [v]

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