Former MI6 agent says Russian sleeper agents can be activated at any time- Warning issued after recent arrests in Sweden

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Professor Julian Richards has expressed that a comprehensive network of Russian sleeper agents has infiltrated Britain. A former MI6 agent, Prof. Richards spent nearly two decades working in security and intelligence for the British government. The UK's Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) is most known as Military Intelligence, Section 6, or MI6. [i] [viii]

His revelation comes on the heels of the arrest in Sweden of a husband and wife suspected to be Russian spies. [ii]
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Sergey Skvortsov, 59, and his wife, Elena Koulkova, 58, were arrested in Sweden for suspicion of being Russian spies. Police stormed the couple's Stockholm villa after evidence indicated they were leading a double life working as espionage agents for the Kremlin. [ii]

Officers entered the couple's home through the windows after abseiling from Black Hawk helicopters. Stefan Hector, head of the national police authority, reported that the entire operation was timed to be executed in under a minute so that the couple could not "flush anything in the toilet or destroy computers." [iii]
Sergey Skvortsov and Elena KoulkovaPhoto byEast2West News

Prof. Richards stated,

We know that the UK has always been a particular target for the Russians. They know that we're potentially a very useful connection into the American intelligence system. [iv]

Historically, Russian spies have been used around the globe. One former CIA operative, Robert Baer, emphasizes that these 'illegals,' "might be employed in a company for years before they [become] operational." For example, Michael John Bettaney is one of the KGB's most notorious espionage agents. [v]
Michael Bettaney in 1998.Photo byNews Group Newspapers

Michael John Bettaney was also known as Michael Malkin. He was a British intelligence officer working in the counter-espionage branch of the Security Service known as Military Intelligence, Section 5 (MI5). Bettaney took many secret documents home with him from his office before trying to turn over some highlights to the KGB's London "rezident." [vi] [vii]

Watch the video below for more on Vladimir Putin's transition from spy to the president.


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