Several Countries Enact Entry Bans Against Russians, Now Leaving Only 1 Open Border- See A Map Of Each Country's Stance

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According to the Finnish Border Guard, Finland has seen over 50,000 Russians enter the country in slightly over a week. Finland shares a border with Russia and has recently revealed that they have implemented new restrictions on the entry of Russian citizens. [i]
An assortment of material expressing opposition to the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine.Doyle of London/Wikimedia Commons

Beginning Friday, Sep. 30, Finland began to bar Russians' entry to Finland. This dissolved the Russians' access to "the last direct land route into the EU." Finland Foreign minister Pekka Haavisto declared that the onslaught of Russian arrivals was "damaging the country's international relations." [ii]
Finland Stand With Ukraine, Pekka HaavistoRajatonvimma/Wikimedia Commons

Estonia, Latvia, Poland, and Lithuania each have an entry ban on all Russians. Estonian Prime Minster Kaja Kallas expressed that the Ukrainian-Russian conflict is "becoming a serious threat to our public security." [iii]

She also sympathized with Ukraine. She stated that it was "unacceptable that citizens of the aggressor state [can] freely travel in the EU, whilst at the same time people in Ukraine are being tortured and murdered." [iii]
Ukrainian President Zelenskyy Meets With Estonian Prime Minister Kallas in Commons

Like Finland, Romania, the Netherlands, and Belgium have implemented updated restrictions and have temporarily halted their issuance of short-term visas. Poland cited a desire to "prevent direct threats to the public order and security," as its reasoning for enforcing a ban on Russian arrivals. [iii]

Following the imposition of numerous travel bans or limitations, Russia now only has one remaining open border. A roughly 122-mile border is shared between Norway and Russia with a single crossing point along the E105 highway through Crimea. See the map below to view the remaining open border.
A map illustrating the countries that have enacted travel bans or restrictions against Russia.Charnell Gilchrist

Norway has kept its borders open but recently suspended its visa-free travel agreement with Russia. The Norwegian Minister of Justice, Emilie Enger Mehl, confirmed that the country would quickly close the border if necessary. [iv]


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