Ukrainian Soldier Stands On The Russian Flag After They Retake Railway Hub- Cuts Off Key Supply Line For The Country

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Recent reports by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense indicate that the village of Kupyansk-Vuzlovy (Also spelled, Kupiansk), located in the Kharkiv region, was liberated from Russian control. Ukraine has continued its efforts to reclaim territory, shifting months of resistance into a full-blown offensive backed by western weaponry and advanced intelligence. [i]
The village of Kupyansk-Vuzlovy in the Kharkiv region is liberatedDefense of Ukraine/Twitter

Kupyansk, according to reports, was occupied by the Russians for 195 days. The small city became "the de facto headquarters of Moscow's regional military administration." It was here that critical supplies meant for the frontlines were staged. [ii]

This "crossroad for rail and road transports...kept the Kremlin's war machine running." Vital supplies were transported between Russian battalions using the rail network hosted by the village. [ii]

The taking of Kupyansk-Vuzlovy is being described as a "lightning assault," which attested to the "brittle defenses" of Russia, in addition to their "vulnerability and low morale." The capabilities of the Ukrainian army are credited to their equipment with effective western arms. [iii]

Reports further indicate that Russia exhibited "weak rear resistance," which allowed Ukrainian tanks and special forces to "slice through their lines." President Volodymyr Zelenskyy spoke regarding the liberation of the territory stating,

It may be possible to temporarily occupy the territories of our state. But it is definitely impossible to occupy our people, the Ukrainian people." [iv]
Ukrainian troops outside of the Kupyansk city council headquarters666_mancer/Twitter

The advance took "just a few days to execute, but it was months in the making." Western provided HIMARS were given much credit for the success as well. The long-range systems were described as easily overpowering "Russia's thinly manned defenses." As Russia retreated due to the swift and unexpected offensive, they left behind functioning weapons. [v]


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