New Russian Conscripts Who Were Recently Mobilized, Were Given Old, Severely Rusted AK-47 Kalashnikovs, Some Non-Working

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A columnist with the daily beast, Julia Davis, recently shared a video to twitter depicting video purportedly showing recently mobilized Russian conscripts and their new weaponry. This would not be the first report of Russians receiving subpar equipment. In August, there were reports that Russians were issued aging equipment, including ill-fitting sneakers, instead of boots.

The recording displays old rusty Kalashnikovs the Russian conscripts were reportedly issued to use in battle, some of them allegedly non-working. See the video Davis shared below.

Davis, in her comment replies, clarified a portion of what was being said in the video. She states that the Russian conscripts had been advised that because they were tank crewmembers, these weapons would be sufficient for them to use. See her full comment below.
Screenshot from a public Twitter post.Charnell Gilchrist

Designed by Mikhail Timofeyevich Kalashnikov, the Kalashnikov Model 1947, also known as the AK-47, is a well-known Soviet assault rifle. It is rumored to be "the most widely used shoulder weapon in the world." AK stands for Avtomat Kalashnikova, which means "automatic Kalashnikov." The weapon was adopted by the Soviet military in 1949 due to its rugged reliable use even under "trying conditions." [i]
Mikhail Kalashnikov in 1997 holding the AK-47.Vladimir Vyatkin/AP Images

Kalashnikov assault rifles are often favored by nationalist and guerrilla movements around the globe. Many countries depcit an AK-47 on their coats of arms. An AK-47 is also depicted on Mozambique's flag pictured below. [ii]
The flag of Mozambique.Public Domain/Wikimedia Commons

Despite the criticisms flooding in regarding the weapons received by the Russians, it should be noted that a key characteristic of AK-47s is described as their reliability during wartime. One YouTube user recently put an old, severely rusted AK-47 to the test. Although the weaponry received by the Russians, appears slightly more aged, the video below indicates that these weapons may still, in fact, be usable. [iii]

Watch below as KLAYCO47 demonstrates the use of a rusty, dated AK-47.

A similar video, shared by supermaucat shows the discovery of an AK-47 that was buried underground for at least 18 years. The weapon is seen being "brought back to life with just a little bit of oil...these things are near indestructible." Based on these videos, it may be possible to bring the rusty weapons received by Russians back to life. [iv]

Watch the video below to see the 18-year-old weapon being successfully fired.


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