Billy Graham and Queen Elizabeth II Shared an Unlikely Friendship Through Their Frequent Bible Studies With One Another

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Since Queen Elizabeth II's passing, many have shared unforgettable memories of moments with the late queen. Franklin Graham, son of the late evangelist Billy Graham, recently shared that his father and Queen Elizabeth II often had bible studies together when Graham was in London. Their friendship began in 1954 during Billy Graham's crusade in England. [i]
Billy Graham and Queen Elizabeth IIFranklin Graham/Instagram

Speaking with ABC News Live, Franklin described the queen as "faithful and steadfast in her faith in God. She honored the Lord Jesus Christ, and wasn't afraid to live her faith." Passing just four years after evangelist Graham, the queen was mentioned fondly in Graham's autobiography titled Just As I Am. [ii]

When Billy Graham and Queen Elizabeth were together, "she would want to talk about scripture." She frequently sought further details from Graham about the messages he preached during his sermon. The Bible studies they shared often included discussions about why Graham chose one sermon topic over another. [iii]
Queen Elizabeth II and Billy GrahamMichael Foust/Christian Headlines

Franklin Graham said of the queen and his father's relationship,

The personal connection was God and His Word, and that's what brought them together. That was what they had in common, was God's Word. She had a love for the Word of God. My father had a love for the Word of God."

Franklin Graham also pointed out how the queen "lived her life with humility." Franklin continued, detailing a time when he and his family spent the night at the queen's castle. After waking, they made their way to the kitchen for breakfast, finding a woman in an old raincoat and scarf, feeding the dogs. [iv]

Franklin stated that they initially believed it to be a castle worker, but it was the queen herself. Billy Graham frequently commented on the queen's humbleness and graciousness. Ultimately, Franklin stated, "it was just a privilege to know her." [v]

Queen Elizabeth II is noted as an inspiration and example to the church who put God first and never feared sharing her faith. Watch the full interview below. [vi]


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