Russian Soldiers Recently Left a Spectacle of Trash, Clothes, and Human Waste After Being Pushed Out of Izyum Houses

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Ukrainian officials are ridiculing Russian soldiers following a Twitter video that revealed the mess left following the Russian army being forced to flee Izyum. The video, shown below, shows clothes strewn about alongside scattered equipment.

Russian soldiers were recently pushed out of the Ukrainian city of Izyum. Based on the haphazardous state of the site, it is believed that the Kremlin's army had very little time to prepare themselves before being forced to flee the city. [i]
Ukrainian soldiers in

The surfacing of the Ministry of Defense's video follows recent reports that an unidentified unmanned surface vessel (USV) has been discovered "on a beach near Russia's naval base at Sevastopol in Crimea." This has caused concern as Russia fears "the device might be used by Kyiv for gathering intelligence on Russia's Black Sea Fleet." [ii]
A suspected Ukrainian USV has washed up on a beach in Crimea.Russian Ministry of Defense

The small vessel is powered by a single inboard mounted motor, indicating it was designed for speed. The USV is small, roughly the size of a kayak, and is believed to have been operated by Ukraine. Several sensors adorn the top of the vessel in addition to its main sensor, a "mast-mounted camera and forward-looking infrared (FLIR) type device." [iii]

The primary sensor is believed to be for steering and situational awareness. The vessel is also equipped with a flat antenna located behind the camera, potentially for communication or navigation. A smaller sensor is also located at the bow. [iv]

Although it is unclear the specific type of USV that was discovered, the following video provides specifications for the MARTAC MANTAS, a similar USV.

Some sources suggest that the USV was an explosive boat. This could mean it was "designed to ram another vessel and detonate." Those supporting this theory allege that "this also explains the cluster of sensors at the bow." Pioneered by the Italians during WWII, explosive boats are still used today. [v]

Most recently, Houthi explosive boats were destroyed by the Yemen army in the Red Sea. Compared to the USV discovered in Sevastopol, the two vessels appear to have similar characteristics. A photo of a Houthi explosive boat is shown below. [vi]
A Houthi explosive boat.Arab News


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