After Joe Biden Accused N. Korea of Violating Sanctions, the Nation Will Release a New Sub That Fires Ballistic Missiles

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Recently, reports have surfaced indicating that images have been revealed of the Sinpo South Shipyard on the east coast of North Korea. The images were taken on Sep. 18, 2022. The reports allege that there were "six barges and vessels gathered around the construction hall quay." The new vessel is a submarine that can purportedly carry missiles. [i]
Kim Jong-un and Vladimir Commons

According to satellite imagery obtained of the Sinpo South Shipyard, "new construction and barges" were present at the site. They are theorized to be "critical to North Korea's new ballistic missile submarine (SSB)." North Korea allegedly test-fired this submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) in 2021 off its east coast. [ii]

In total, "six new barges and vessels" that were not previously present were noticed "around the submarine construction hall." 38 North reported that although barges and a dry dock have been noticed occasionally, these new vessels and barges were not previously present. [iii]
Satellite imagery of North Korea's new barges and

These claims are illustrated by imagery taken by the Center for Strategic and International Studies on Sep. 12, 2022, when none of these new vessels were present. These revelations follow United States President Joe Biden's speech to the UN General Assembly in which he spoke of Russia's invasion of Ukraine and its recent nuclear threats against Europe. Further, he "accused North Korea of blatantly violating UN sanctions," with its missile development program. [iv]

In a US intelligence report, North Korea has also been accused of selling arms to Russia, including "millions of artillery shells and rockets." North Korea has denied the accusations. Still, the country has fired 30+ ballistic missiles since January. This corroborates Kim Jong-un's vow to make North Korea's military "invincible," in the face of "persistent hostility from the US." [v]

Watch the video below for more details on North Korea's recent propaganda posters highlighting the use of nuclear weapons.


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