Recent European Discovery of 1.8 Million-Year-Old Tooth Occurred at the Same Site Saber-Toothed Cat Was Found 1 Year Ago

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Last week, archaeologists in the country of Georgia, located just below Russia, discovered a 1.8 million-year-old tooth that belonged to the early species of human, Homo erectus. Homo erectus translates literally to 'upright man.' [i]
1.8 million-year-old tooth.Times Now

Experts believe this recent discovery confirms that the "south Caucasus area was likely one of the first places early humans settled after migrating out of Africa." [i]

The discovery follows the discovery of fossilized remains of saber tooth cats at the site known as Orozmani. This further supports "the radical thesis that Homo erectus was the first hominin to reach Eurasia." Fossilized feces of hyenas and bones of an elephant, horse, and wolf were also discovered. [ii]

Saber-toothed cats and the Homo erectus are said to have come into competition "over meat and territory," leading to early hunting. The remains of the discovered saber-toothed cat are considered a prime example of early hunting. The video below further details this theory. [iii]

This site is also where a pre-human skull was found, "representing part of a find that holds the oldest traces of humanity's closest ancestors ever found in Europe." The Homo erectus skull was unearthed in Dmanisi in Aug. 2005, nearly 17 years ago. [iv]

Known as "the Dmanisi man," the skull is from the early Pleistocene. The video below provides greater detail regarding the discovery.

In addition to the skull, five bones and fragments, estimated at the same age, were also discovered. Research and study of these remains and the others will help scientists "understand what it is about these individuals that allowed them to move outside of Africa." [v]


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