The MoD Recently Revealed Russians Are Taking a Risk With Weekend Plan for a New Floating Bridge Over the Dnipro River

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This past weekend, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) claims Russia began moving barges "into position to construct a substantial floating bridge over the Dnipro river, immediately beside the damaged Antonivsky road bridge." The MoD asserts that the crossing is a critical link connecting Russian-occupied Kherson and the east. [i]

Ukrainians recently carried out missile strikes in July and early August, using armaments from various countries, which rendered "two road bridges providing vital access to Russian-occupied Kherson" unusable. Russian forces had since resorted to using a ferry to cross the river. The connection was necessary to the Russians as they used it for supplies to Russian troops. After the Antonovsky bridge was targeted to cease the supply line over the Dnipro river, the bridge became nearly unusable. [ii]

Should Russia complete the improvised bridge, the MoD stated, "It will almost certainly increase the capacity of the crossing point compared to the ferry," potentially turning the conflict on its head. Many have viewed the potential floating bridge as a threat to the edge Ukraine seemed to be gaining. Some believe that completing the floating bridge would allow the Russian Armed Forces to remain in Kherson without needing to retreat to Melitopol. [iii]

Despite these contentions, the MoD pointed out that a floating bridge remains vulnerable to Ukraine's attacks. In an Aug. 24, 2022 "update on the situation in Ukraine," the MoD illustrates the Kherson region contains Russian Controlled Area and Contested areas as Ukraine continues to group its forces against the spread of Russian control. [iv]

Russia may use pontoon bridge sets to replace the Dnipro and Antonivsky Bridges.

Pontoon bridge sets "provide support for armored and mechanised units in the crossing of water streams and bodies." They can carry a capacity of 20 - 60 tons and up to 80 tons if modified. The bridge can span 1,253 feet or 382 meters. [v]
Pontoon Bridge Set used by Czech RepublicMinistry of Defence & Armed Forces of the Czech Republic

The MoD rounded off Wednesday morning by sharing a video paying tribute to the Ukrainian people and Armed Forces in recognition of Ukrainian Independence Day.


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