Russian Weapon Stock W/Rotting Weapons Quickly Depletes, Recent Intercepted Emotional Call Reveals Broken Russian Morale

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As the Ukrainian-Russian conflict continues, evidence of a depleting weapon stock, rotting weapons, and broken Russian morale have recently been revealed. As seen in the video below, defense expert Larisa Brown reportedly advised that,

Russian forces were struggling to replenish their artillery stock, unlike Ukraine which has been continuously receiving large shipments of weapons from the west." [i]

A new report further implicated that it is easy for Ukrainian defense forces to take out Russian military armaments using heavy-duty weaponry. This ease comes partially from Ukrainian soldiers being trained under a pledge by Britain. Additionally, Brown reported to Times Radio,

By next year Russia will be struggling quite a lot, they won't be able to replenish a lot of their stock, they won't have the manpower whereas Ukraine will be getting more and more Western kit." [ii]

The report referenced by Brown is described as "an in-depth report compiled by officials and military chiefs inside the Ukrainian ministry of defense." One example referenced is Russia's alligator attack helicopter. Russians claim it to be "a flying tank" that can "withstand the impact of 12.7mm caliber bullets." However, Brown asserts that Ukrainians have pierced said helicopter using 7.62mm caliber bullets, i.e., small arms weapons. [iii]

Brown also indicated that the report reviews Russian missiles as well. It is reported that some of Russia's missiles "only have a 33 percent chance of actually hitting the target." This has resulted in a dialogue concerning Russia's equipment, with one individual asking Brown,

And are these legacy issues that this is kind of aging equipment or is this because of sustained damage throughout during the actual war in Ukraine?" [iv]
Screenshot from Times Radio public YouTube VideoTimes Radio

Brown replied that it is allegedly old Soviet armaments that Russia has attempted to modernize. The theory is supported by footage emerging indicating that Russian mercenaries have "complained about rotting equipment."
Russian soldier wearing sneakers instead of

Some have complained of ill-fitting shoes, sneakers instead of boots, in addition to rotting fabric and material of items that soldiers must wear and carry. These 'mercenaries' used by Putin even allege having received "a dead man's boots," as seen in the video below. [v]

All of this comes as Ukraine's ministry of defense released evidence obtained from an intercepted call "between a Russian troop in Ukraine and his friend back home." The video allegedly reveals the individual "slamming Vladimir Putin's failing army." A tweet by the Defense of Ukraine corroborates the reports, as seen below. [vi]


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