Pope Francis Calls Out Those Who Pursue Eternal Youth- Says it is Delusional to Try to Stop the Natural Passage of Time

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Recently, Pope Francis spoke during his weekly general audience, stating, "The concept of stopping time - of wanting eternal youth, unlimited well-being, absolute power - is not only impossible, it is delusional." Instead, Pope Francis calls on individuals to see the passing of time from the Christian perspective as a promise, not a threat. [i]

Pope Francis likened life on earth to a "novitiate," otherwise known as "preparation for an eternal life in heaven that will be superior to the time of our mortal life." He continues to point out that "old age brings closer the hope" of fulfilling God's promise. The Pope urged Christians, particularly the elderly, to "live their final years of life in the expectation of the Lord." [ii]

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Stating unequivocally that, "the best is yet to come," Pope Francis described old age as "the phase in life most suited to spreading the joyful news that life is the initiation to a final fulfillment." Pope Francis further asserts, "old age is wise," and "the passage of time no longer carries any weight." [iii]

The encouraging words from Pope Francis are not his first regarding the dignity of the elderly. During his general audiences this year, Pope Francis has reportedly given 16 reflections that relate to the dignity of the elderly. [iv]

Ultimately, the Pope delivered a critical, stark reminder stating that "our destination is not here, it is beside the Lord, where he dwells forever." It is unknown which topic will be covered during the next week's general audience. [iv]


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