Ukrainian Soldiers Smile Ear to Ear, Celebrate Recent Risky Win; Short Raw Video Reveals Quick Missile Attack on Tank

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Russian tanks damaged by

A video recently surfaced revealing Ukrainian anti-tank missiles destroying Russian armored vehicles. In the footage, Ukrainian soldiers used both Stugna-P's, manufactured in Ukraine, and British-built Javelin missiles. [i]

One Ukrainian soldier explained that often they will "dig trenches there and wait for a target." They also stated that it may be a week or a month of waiting before a target is in position. The soldiers' attack on Russian armored tanks can be seen in the video below. They allege that at least 10 Russian tanks were destroyed. [i]

Designed and manufactured in Ukraine, the Stugna-P is an anti-tank missile system capable of attacking stationary and moving objects using the tank's T-55 or anti-tank artillery gun MT-12. Additionally, the Stugna-P can also destroy slow-moving, low-flying aerial targets. The range of the system is roughly 13,123 feet. Additionally, the launcher can be controlled from up to 164 feet away. [ii]

Alongside its ability to hit long-range stationary and slow-moving, low-flying aerial targets, the Stugna-P is also effective at hitting close-range targets. Further, the system is equipped with two targeting modes. Manually steered and automated fire-and-forget. The automated fire-and-forget mode uses no manual target tracking. More attributes of the Stugna-P are outlined in the video below. [iii]

In addition to the Stugna-P, the British Javelin was also used. Ukrainian soldiers describe the Javelin as "easier to operate," because, "With the Javelin, you just aim." Elite UK Forces describes the Javelin as a 'fire-and-forget' missile. The missile finds its own way to the target without needing to be steered. Soldiers can acquire new targets immediately following missile launch. [iv]
The Javelin is being fired.Elite UK Forces

The Javelin replaced Milan as the medium-range anti-tank missile. The system has several modes, including an overfly-top-attack mode. During this mode, the missile arcs high in the sky and soars downward on top of the target to circumvent the tank's heavy front armor. This presents a priceless capability in the current Ukrainian-Russian conflict. [v]

The Javelin is effective at obliterating buildings, bunkers, and fixed positions. A skilled 2-man crew can fire two rounds per minute from the Javelin with a range of up to 1.6 miles (2.5km). The video below details the specifications of the system. [iv]

With this weaponry, Ukrainian soldiers have reportedly taken out fifteen vehicles total, with ten of those being tanks. Will the continued availability of weaponry be enough to shift power into Ukraine's hands, particularly in the Kherson region? [i]


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