UK Again Supplies Jaw-Dropping Long-Range Rocket Launchers to Encourage Faster End to Continued Ukrainian-Russian War

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M270 Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS)Lockheed Martin

The UK again supplies Ukraine with American-made M270 multiple-launch rocket systems (MLRS). They are also providing M31A1 missiles to potentially speed up the snail-paced trek to the culmination of the Ukrainian-Russian conflict. With the ability to launch GPS-guided rockets, the M270 MLRS can accurately destroy targets up to 50 miles away. Previously, the UK supplied Ukraine with an onslaught of military support valued at roughly $2.8 billion or £2.3 billion. The support has included:

  • M270 Multiple Launch Rocket Systems
  • M31A1 missiles
  • Stormer vehicles
  • Communications and electronic war equipment
  • Military gear, including helmets, body armor, and night-vision devices. [i]
M270 Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS)Lockheed Martin

Ukrainian troops have previously used the M270 MLRS to "help stabilize the front-line situation," resulting in Russian efforts to locate and destroy western provided weapons, as described in the video below. [ii]

The M270 MLRS packs a hard punch. First used in 1991 during the First Gulf War, the M270 MLRS features no launching rails, with rockets fired immediately from its two containers. The MLRS can hold 12 rockets, six in each of its two containers. It is also equipped with an armored cab that protects the crew from small arms fire, and features an eight to ten-minute reloading time. The video below details more specifications of this heavy-hitting artillery. [iii]

The UK advises their reasoning for sending additional MLRS to Ukraine is due to an "enduring commitment to help the country defend itself against Russia's illegal invasion." Following the successful use of MLRS' by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Britain is also gifting Ukraine a large number of precision-guided M31A1 missiles. [iv]

In addition to the M270 MLRS and M31A1 missiles, the UK has also committed to providing training for up to 10,0000 Ukrainian soldiers. Training has already been provided on using the launchers and maximizing system effectiveness. Additionally, more Ukrainian soldiers will participate in the UK-led military training program over the coming months. [v]
M270 Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS)Lockheed Martin

Ukrainian personnel participating in the training program will learn various skills. These skills include battlefield first aid, fieldcraft, weapons handling, patrol tactics, and the Law of Armed Conflict. AK variant assault rifles were procured explicitly for the training program. This was executed so that Ukrainian soldiers may train using front-line weapons. [vi]

Additional clothing supplies are supplied to trainees, gifted by the UK to support "in their training and deployment back to Ukraine." Every soldier receives:

  • Wet and cold weather clothing
  • Field uniforms
  • Boots
  • Cold/Wet weather clothing
  • Eye/ear/pelvic protectors, helmets, body armor, and individual first aid kits
  • Additional supplemental equipment, including sleeping bags, ponchos, and entrenching tools required for field conditions.

The outpouring of support from across the Nation has made a noticeable difference in Ukraine's ability to fight back during this conflict. But will the continued transfer of artillery, ammunition, and miscellaneous supplies be enough for Ukraine to finally prevail over Russia?


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