People Afraid Russia Had Live Missile Until Recent Crash-No Explosion, Many Are Suspicious & Left Scratching Their Heads

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Recently, many believed a Russian vehicle known as the Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Carrier (ICBM) was carrying a powerful live "Topol intercontinental ballistic missile." The missile can travel at 16,400 mph and measures 74.5 feet long. [i]

The ICBM was recently involved in a collision with another small-sized vehicle. Though most had feared the ICBM was carrying a live missile, the near-head-on collision left the sedan totaled, with no resulting explosion or damage to the ICBM. Military Tube Today details in the below video just how deadly the Topol is described as being. [ii]

The explanation for Russia carrying the "live missile" was revealed to be that the vehicle was a training vehicle. Empty missile shells are used for training purposes. The empty shells are filled with water or sand to mimic how heavy an actual missile is. This provides training for drivers learning to maneuver heavy loads. [iii]

This "stunt" by Russia appears to be similar to their claims of destroying U.S.-provided HIMARS in previous weeks. This most recent blunder occurs alongside reports from a captured Russian officer, Major Gruzev, claiming that "both soldiers and officers refused to fight and fled their positions." This is alleged to have occurred near Kherson. Major Gruzev states he is serving in a military unit from Abkhazia. [iv]

The major also claimed, "nobody wants to be here. Everyone wants to go home. All the soldiers from the first and second battalion ran away." The claims by Major Gruzev contradict what has been reported as no official Russian soldier dessertions. [iv]
Russian Major Gruzev who was captured near Kherson.Fish Pawnz

Following his capture, Major Gruzev made the following plea to his Russian counterparts,

I ask Russian citizens to help people like me to return home. I ask them to petition Puin to bring back Russian soldiers from ukraine as quickly as possible."

The Major's statements support the belief that other soldiers may finally share his desire to end the war. It is proposed that Ukraine's recapture of the city of Kherson would demonstrate a significant turning point in the conflict. Reports stated it would be "a major coup for Ukraine's commanders." [v]

The potential for a coup is supported by events like the recent one in which Ukrainian forces blew up a Russian T-90 tank, shown in the footage below. The Ukrainian Armed Forces used a Javelin missile in Kharkiv Oblast to destroy the tank. Such successes may indicate a potential for success in regaining control of Kherson. [vi]


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