Why did a Crucifix-Wielding Russian Priest Swing a Cross at a Ukrainian Clergyman During a Solemn Eulogy?

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In the latest news on Russia and Ukraine, a video has surfaced of Russian Priest Mykhailo Vasylyuk swinging a cross at Anatoliy Dudko, a Ukrainian clergyman, during the eulogy for a fallen soldier, as seen below. [iii]

The attack is alleged to have been spurred by Anatoliy Dudko's previous remarks about how Russia updates on the war. Dressed in grey, Dudko, a Ukrainian clergyman, is alleged to have previously openly criticized the actions of Russia and Vladimir Putin. Ukraine has spoken out against the "senseless deaths" on numerous occasions. [i]

Russia Ukraine news also indicates that the clergyman's comments apparently upset a Russian priest, Mykhailo Vasylyuk, so much so that he interrupted the funeral service to take a swing at Dudko. Vasylyuk was using a cross to swing at Ukrainian clergyman Anatoliy Dudko during the interruption of the funeral service. [i]

Despite Vasylyuk's disruption of the service, his actions speak to the rising tension resulting from Russia's actions against Ukraine. Dudko is said to have directly and publicly blamed Vladimir Putin for the ongoing invasion occurring in Ukraine. This is also in addition to an alleged senseless loss of lives. Many have been pleading for an end to the war. [ii]

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The latest Russia, Ukraine news also includes reports that previously this year, "Ukrainian followers of the Russian Orthodox Church broke with its Moscow leadership." As over 75,000 Russian soldiers have been reportedly killed, a desire for peace becomes a Nation's overall consensus. Ukraine has reached that point, according to reports. [iv]

An Admiral claims, "President Vladimir Putin's plan has spectacularly failed." He also states that Putin's military has become so weakened that Ukraine should soon be able to "reclaim all their old borders." [v]

News in Ukraine has been reported to substantiate these assertions seemingly. Despite the occupation by Russia in Ukraine in Kherson Oblast, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have continually pushed forward. Three villages were liberated "from the occupation forces of the Russian Federation." This illustrates Ukraine's success in "using the military, diplomatic and all other available tools until it reaches its legal borders." [vi]

The news on Russia and Ukraine today does not appear to indicate Ukraine will be giving up without a formidable fight. The Armed Forces of Ukraine "struck the Atonivka Road Bridge in Kherson." This strategic move was meant to stop Russian forces from transferring troops to Kherson Oblast. [vii]

This show of force by Ukraine continues despite what the Ukrainian military described as a "partial success" for Russian troops in Donetsk. It is alleged that Russian attempts to advance toward Bakhmut are the source of "partial success." Having taken the nearby village of Novoluhankse, it appeared Russian forces might succeed in taking Bakhmut. [viii]

Further news from Ukraine indicates that Ukraine has managed to maintain hold of Bakhmut as Russians are described as using "tank fire, airstrikes, and artillery, across the front lines in Donetsk" As a result, several attempts to advance and break down Ukrainian defenses were successfully repelled. [ix]

With these tiny triumphs regarding newly developed Ukraine Russia updates, will it be possible for Ukraine to recapture Kherson?


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