Lt. Gen. Alexus Grynewich Allegedly Admits to Potential for Middle Eastern Iranian Attacks

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According to OutlookIndia, while speaking at Al-Udeid, US Air Force general, Lt. Gen. Alexus Grynewich "expressed fears over Iran-back[ed] militia attacks that could lead to a new Mideast escalation." [i]

This fear of Iranian-backed proxies also allegedly acknowledged Lt. Gen. Grynewich's concern "over Russian and Chinese influence taking hold as superpowers." The comments are purported to have been made near the location of HIMARS demonstrations at Al-Udeid. [i] [ii]

Many may or may not recall the Jul 28, 2020 incident during which Al-Udeid went "on temporary alert" following an "Iranian 'attack' on a mock Nimitz class carrier." It brings the question of whether the U.S. is again in a similarly situated position. [iii]

Iran is notorious for its Revolutionary Guard. Iran's Revolutionary Guard launched missiles targeting a "mock aircraft carrier in the strategic Strait of Hormuz." The U.S. placed two bases - Al Dhafra and Al-Udeid - on alert due to the heightening tension. [iv]

It is alleged that post-Desert Storm War, Al-Udeid was not recognized as an official base at first. Since then, it has become an integral part of the U.S. presence in the Middle East. No longer used to support Afghanistan efforts discreetly, the Combat Air Operations Center is alleged to have been transferred to Al-Udeid in Qatar. [v]

Understanding the importance of Al-Udeid is necessary, in addition to Israel's reiteration of its "commitment to stopping Iran from ever obtaining a nuclear weapon." As tensions continue to mount, Iran's president allegedly made a broad statement.

He broadly stated that Israel will face a "harsh and regrettable response" if it takes any action against the Islamic Republic. Should this be the case, how will the U.S. respond, given the climate and tension surrounding Al-Udeid? [v]


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