Strawberry Moon- Full Moon & Supermoon: Moon Illusions and Apparent Retrograde Motion Will Outshine May 31 Meteor Shower

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Nearly as awe-inspiring as the Blood Moon, the Strawberry Moon is named after the wild strawberries that began to ripen during early summer; this Full Moon is also referred to as Rose Moon, Hot Moon, and Mead Moon. Super Full Moons appear up to 7% larger than the average full moon. They also appear 30% brighter than a 'micromoon.' Unlike May's disappointing meteor shower, the visible Moon Illusion and Apparent Retrograde make strawberry moons even more interesting. Both will accompany this year's Super Strawberry Full Moon. Further, you can watch below for more information from NBC on the year's most colorful moon. [i]

Plus, being the most colorful moon of the year, the Strawberry Moon delights viewers with a 'Moon Illusion.' Viewing a Full Moon at moonrise or moonset allows viewers to view the moon close to the horizon resulting in the brain being tricked into thinking the moon is much bigger than it is. Although the Supermoon will appear bigger than usual, it is nothing more than an illusion crafted by human brains.

Several theories surround why our brain processes the moon as larger during certain times, such as moonrise and moonset, despite the moon being smaller when it's closer to the horizon, as explained in the YouTube video below. [iii]

In addition to the Moon Illusion, the Super Strawberry Full Moon also allows viewers to witness apparent retrograde motion. Because of differences in planets' orbital speed, retrograde motion is an optical illusion. The appearance of a planet moving in the reverse direction, from east to west, is known as apparent retrograde motion. For a simple breakdown of this phenomenon, the below visual video from ScienceWorld explains why the planets appear to be moving backward.

As with the mention of Mercury in retrograde, zodiac-lovers have much to say regarding the changes retrograde can bring. Talk of retrograde often brings many a shudder, fearing chaos and catastrophe may strike their life. But, on the other hand, some, such as Reddit user Insight7777777, speculate that retrograde is 'retracing your steps. . . situations and circumstances which seem to have passed show possibility to resurface."
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Whether you believe the apparent retrograde motion will be responsible for a new career change, unavoidable bickering with your spouse, or even a stock market crash, viewing the Strawberry Moon depends on your time zone. Find your time zone below to witness the Super Strawberry Full Moon in full effect.

On Tuesday, Jun 14, 2022, at 4:51 am local time for residents of Aliso Viejo, California.

6:51 am for Tucson, Arizona residents.

7:51 am for Raleigh, North Carolina residents.
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