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How Much Do Best Software Engineers Earn in Chicago in 2021?

Domagoj Vidovic
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We all know that software engineering is a well-paid job; even juniors can get 6 figures immediately after graduation.

The tech center of the world - Silicon Valley - instantly comes to our minds when we think about the software giants.

But how about Chicago?

The tech scene is quite strong there as well.

What salaries have the 5 highest paid software engineers there? And which companies pay those ludicrous amounts of money?

Thankfully, we can access that information on's dive in.

5. Optiver

Optiver, a proprietary trading firm and market maker for various exchange-listed financial instruments, takes the place 5 in Chicago with total yearly compensation of $520k!

Because of high taxes, total salaries are spread across base salary, stocks, and bonuses.

In this case, the base salary is "only" $170k; while $350k is paid through bonuses.

I said only, but the base salaries rarely go over $300k. It's just not efficient enough.

This person has only 2 years of experience. I've never seen a salary this high for that amount of experience.

4. Twitter

Giant Twitter sits on place 4, with a salary of $612k!

The base salary is $215k, stocks $345k, and bonuses $52k.

The person behind it has 17 years of experience.

3. Google

Do I need to say anything about Google?

This person with 15 years of experience earns $683k!

The base salary is $228k, stocks $365k, while the bonuses are $90k.

2. Citadel

An investment service Citadel holds 2nd place, with a salary of $725k!

The base salary is pretty high - $275. Interestingly, no stocks here - but bonuses are phenomenal $450k.

The person behind it has 11 years of experience.

1. Cisco

Cisco wins the race with the biggest software engineering salary in Chicago.

Just to remind you, cisco develops, manufactures, and sells networking hardware, software, telecommunications equipment, and other high-technology services and products.

The person behind it has 20 years of experience, and earns yearly a massive salary of $750k!

The base salary is $350k, stocks $200k, and bonuses $200k.

Who will surpass Cisco? It would be nice to check out the stats in 1 year.

What Can You Learn From All This?

Coding is a skill that doesn't require a PhD in computer science or a similar field.

It can be learned with so many platforms available online. A 2-3 month course can be perfect for the start, even if you're a complete beginner.

It will take some hard work, but even after 1 year, it's possible to get a nice job and salary.

You won't get $1MM+ for sure, but you can make around $100k in 2-3 years from now.

If you become really good at it, those numbers can be even higher (way higher)!

What is 2 or 3 years compared to your whole lifetime? This could be something that completely changes everything.

The world is going through massive technological growth, and software engineers are needed everywhere. Demand for them is huge because almost any business you start today will require software engineers!

That's why the situation on market is so good, and it will remain for many more years.

You can catch that ride.

Be consistent, and if you have any interest in technology, math, or science, give it a go.

The prices can be astonishing.

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This is original content from NewsBreak’s Creator Program. Join today to publish and share your own content.

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