One Meaningful Article Is Enough

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Remarkable wisdom is available at our fingertips.

By clicking on a single button, we can be exposed to the most valuable information collected throughout the history of humankind. The application of that knowledge to our lives has the potential to completely transform it.

But will it? Will you even recognize the potential, or just scroll through it like it’s something meaningless?

The greatest minds of this planet have a lot to offer. To adopt it, we have to focus on one thing at a time — otherwise, we’ll master none of them.

Recognize the Possibilities

Your mindset is what means the most. If you just scroll through information endlessly for entertainment, you won’t be able to use its full potential.

However, if you seek life-changing knowledge in the first place, you’ll link it with your life, and become the main actor of your play.

Inspect what currently bugs you — and seek wisdom for those types of problems. Take some time to find the perfect article, but after you did so, stay with it. Don’t toss it away in 2 minutes.

It has the potential to change everything. You didn’t become a master of something because you spend 2 minutes on it; why do you assume you can solve your life problems so quickly?

Everything you need is right in front of you. Reject it — or use it. Your choice.

Don’t Read — Study Instead

Going quickly through the article isn’t enough — the grasped knowledge will soon vanish from your mind.

If you find a relevant article, read it patiently. Read it 5 or 10 times if necessary. Any unknown parts should be studied even more deeply.

How many times did you have to read the college materials to pass the exam? 5, 10, 20? How about especially hard ones?

If you spent so much time on that, why would have you resist doing so with your life?

What Actions Will You Take?

Even studying isn’t enough if you don’t practice it.

How will you adopt those habits?

Make a clear plan and stick to it. Experiment with it. In most cases, it doesn’t take so much time; a few months of consistency can lead to years of abundance.

Consistency is the key. Focus on one thing, be persistent, and take 110% out of it.

By focusing on everything, you’re not focusing at all; you gain 0.01% percent of its potential.

Start Now

Can this be the last article you started to read mindlessly?

Use the potential of knowledge in this world and practice its application in your life. Observe your challenges, and seek the right answers.

Be obsessed with getting them and they will materialize. Give them attention and you’ll get the same in return.

One article is enough.

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