Do Other People's Opinions Bother You?

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We don’t have control over many things around us. We can’t control the traffic, weather, other people. The list is quite long, and it includes almost anything you can think of.

We only have control over ourselves; our mind and actions.

Does that make us weak, since we can’t control almost anything? Not necessarily; quality beats quantity in this case. Focus on mind and actions gives one complete control over his life.

The Gap Between You And The Outside World

We tend to focus on the outside world; yet, so many miracles happen inside. That’s the place where we harvest the power used to communicate with the outers.

Whatever happens around us, we cannot change that — we can only change our reaction to it. Our reactions are based on our character and beliefs. The more we invest in them, the better our reactions will be.

If we don’t have enough wisdom to apply to an outside event, we’ll react automatically; unconsciously. Sometimes it will be fine, but on other times — terrible.

If we don’t carefully select our character, we’ll have to live with an environment-made one; whose beliefs are not our own. If we don’t pick our beliefs, our subconscious being will do it for us — without us even knowing that.

We must place attention on our reactions to the outer events; the only thing we actually have control over. The more we do it, the bigger the gap between us and the outer world is.

The more time we have to react; the better the reaction will be. Eventually, most of them will be in our favor, instead of against us.

The Shield

The concept of being unable to control anything besides you is a tricky one. Even though you can influence other people’s opinions and even manipulate them, you don’t have complete control over them.

In the end, it’s their decision. When your presence in their circle vanishes, they have even more power.

Your energy is precious, and it has to be invested in what you have complete control over — your inner world. Otherwise, you’re just spending energy carelessly and most of it will never return to you.

The stronger your inner world is, the more stable you will be in this world. Whatever happens, you’ll know how to accept it. You will have a valid explanation, based on the great wisdom you’ve been exploring.

Your reaction to an outer event depends on your shield. The shield is created by the wisdom you read; by carefully focusing on the inner world; by knowing yourself better.

It gives you the ability to patiently feel and touch an outside event, and to decide what you want to do with it.

Bouncing of the Shield

We’re overloaded with information. The world is super distractive, and if we don’t decide to shift our attention to something else, a lot of garbage will fill our minds.

Especially if we don’t label it as garbage at all. It will be converted to our thoughts, draining our power on something useless.

Most of the time, we have to focus on the inner world; but obviously, we have many contacts with the outer one as well.

It’s nothing bad, it makes life entertaining. We can learn a lot as well. Whatever we hear, it has to pass through the shield — or bounce off.

Most of the things we hear will be useless. We have to address that and disallow them to influence our beliefs. Without conscious decision to reject others opinions, they slowly become ours.

A few things will be valuable. We welcome them to our mind; they will be processed by the shield, allowed to come closer to the deeper parts of the mind, and quickly adopted.

Wisdom and positivity should be absorbed as quickly as possible. We want to gain benefits immediately, not partially in 10 years.

Reject the useless, obtain the useful.

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