What is The Growth Mindset?

Domagoj Vidovic
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“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t — you’re right.” — Henry Ford

In this world full of opportunities, one has to wear many hats to take them successfully. That means constant learning, adapting, facing the fear and unknown.

Many believe they were born in a sort of way; that their behavior cannot change. They are just not for something, and they can’t learn it.

In the end, it’s true for them — they believe they can’t grow, avoid challenges as a consequence, and don’t grow eventually. They have — fixed mindset.

Both fixed and growth mindset are skills that can be learned just like every other in this world. Let’s dive more deeply into them.

How We Develop The Fixed Mindset

We born as an empty blackboard. We know nothing, we can’t take care of ourselves. Without the help of others, we will be gone in a few days.

In the first couple of years of life, we’re almost completely unaware. We can’t consciously think and act; our actions are products of our unconscious self which learned everything from the environment.

In this period we just absorb lessons from our family, friends, and everyone else with who we get in contact.

The problem is — most of those lessons aren’t lessons at all.

We will hear people thinking, talking, and acting small; we’ll come to the conclusion that life is difficult, that many great things aren’t achievable, and that we’re limited. That we’re born in a sort of way — and we’ll stay that way for our whole life.

When we left our childhood, we’re still quite unaware. It takes many years to develop the real consciousness.

When that time arrives, we have a clear picture of ourselves. We believe in our character; strictly follow it. We praise it and feel threatened when somebody’s opinions are in conflict with ours.

We have the possibility to use the power of consciousness to change our habits and believes, but we don’t do that. We can’t see that power; we don’t even want to change ourselves.

The being which absorbed the environment for 20 years doesn’t let us do anything. We like it and accept it, and life will remain the same for 60 years more.

Tackling the Fixation

If the habits are so strong when we’re 20, you can imagine them at 30, 40, or 60. The amount of energy needed to spent then is enormously bigger than at a young age.

A few realize that. And they fight — it’s not easy to change the believes which exist for so long. But they believe it’s possible — so they achieve it.

Slowly, they start to leave the parts of their old selves in the past; leaving the space for new, better believes to appear.

You’ve seen a countless number of examples in your life — people from the age of adolescence that you see after 5 or 10 years — and they are almost the same as before.

On the other side, there are a few which you can barely recognize. Their looks, behavior, and energy — changed completely.

The Differences

Mindset is everything — it defines how we handle situations in life. It will raise us to the highest mountains, or drive us to the deepest bottoms. To fly high, we must use it properly.

People with a growth mindset believe that intelligence in a certain area can be developed. Their inexpertise exists because of lack of knowledge, not because they’re too stupid to do it.

Those beliefs will make them embrace challenges. Their self-confidence is huge, and that’s why they won’t quit — until the goal is reached.

Many obstacles will arise on that journey, but all of them are solvable. Efford is a path to mastery. We’re learning from our failures, converting them to successes every time.

Other People’s Successes

People with a fixed mindset don’t like successful people — they make them feel jealous. They don’t believe they can achieve the same high level and try to avoid them to avoid their negativity.

On the other hand, people with a growth mindset like spending time with the successful; they are their opportunities to learn.

Success is not a coincidence, and highly performant people have many lessons to share. Those are the real lessons; the ones we should want to absorb.

If we believe we can achieve them, we won’t run from the successful; we’ll embrace them. In just a couple of minutes, we can find lessons that we won’t find in 5 years.

We must explore the mindsets of successful people. If you think you can’t meet any of those in person, buy a book, make your own role models.

Remember those childhood days when you had many fictional superheroes you praised so much? Now is the time to replace them with real-life characters; the great people of this world. Seek their lessons, and apply them to your life.

Successful people can be your superheroes. Learn from their mindset, and achieve what you think it’s unachievable now. 

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