The Most Valuable Investment Of Your Life

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Many of us have ideas about how to get rich. Some might dream, a few have plans, just a fraction will take the actions.

Success is a result of the actions we make every day. Many positive actions create positive results, which combined together — create an achievement.

Actions are just a consequence of our thoughts; they are the real building block of this world.

Instead of narrowing your focus on a small fraction of your life, why not choosing the whole field? As Warren Buffett says:

“Generally speaking, investing in yourself is the best thing you can do. Anything that improves your own talents; nobody can tax it or take it away from you.”

What Is Investing In Yourself?

Most people tend to assume they know how to live just because they are alive. Their every second will be spent with this core belief in mind, leaving no space for growth.

While business or any kind of skill will just serve you for a limited period of time, your life will serve you for your whole life.

So obvious, yet we don’t give enough attention to that fact.

Your life starts the moment you were born and it will last until your last breath. Every business, career, skill, success, or failure, will be included in it.

Investments in your life stay, they build your mindset, beliefs, and character. You constantly grow.

Many skills you have today won’t be worth anything in 10 years. Your evolved life skills, if materialized, can be worth millions of dollars.

They alone aren’t enough for most of us to survive in this modern world. But if they are strong, everything else will be. We will pick the right actions, the right skills, feel fulfilled, do what we want in life. We will learn everything so quickly; adapt to the new challenges.

How can we invest in ourselves?

Your Life Is Your Most Valuable Business

Imagine starting a business in real life. You would spend a lot of time working on it, combining different ideas, creating solutions, tackling the problems.

You would have good and bad decisions; you would experiment, learning out of failures, and making your business more robust.

If you had any problems, you would have to focus on them and work hard to solve them. Ask colleagues, mentors, or somebody else. Either way, you have to look the problem in the eyes; ignoring would just make it bigger, do you agree?

If so, why don’t you do the same thing with your life?

The same thing applied to business can be applied to the self. Observe your life, identify the problems, look them straight in the eyes.

If you ignore the problems in the business, it will probably just collapse in a few years. Life won’t end so quickly, but it will become miserable.

Imagine the financial issues of an 80-year old business that didn’t receive a minute of careful observations. That can be your emotional state.

Running away from your problems just make them bigger. Even if we think like we’ve successfully hidden, they will come in a few months or years, stronger than ever. They wait for our vulnerability.

Why Is That So?

Our demons were created by ourselves — we’ve made them through life. It’s not anything bad; our knowledge is limited and that why they exist. We learn through life, make many non-ideal actions, and demons evolve as a consequence.

In the early stage, they are still small. They look a bit frightening, but they are still in their infant stage. Running away from them creates the illusion that they are something terrible, and that they will hurt us.

They only want to tell us that we’re not feeling well. That we’re not doing something right. They are ourselves, a part of us. We should live in cooperation.

Looking the demons straight in the eyes removes their dark cloth. They don’t look so frightful anymore; that’s because they are not. They can help us, sometimes even more than our bright side.

Life can’t be fulfilling if we choose not to fill it at all.

Okay, Tell Me How To Invest Now

What if I tell you I just did?

Yes, looking your negativity straight in the eyes will make you dramatically stronger. Instead of constant energy drain, you will gain an enormous boost.

But for the best results, you must have strong weapons by your side. Otherwise, you will get too frightened, and start to run away even faster.

The best option here is a mentoring — psychotherapist or life coach. They can be expensive, but they are surely the best investment you can make in your life. Their knowledge and experience in this field is something you can’t have on your own; not even a fraction of it.

This invested money will convert into a gigantic mental strength.

Besides that, invest in books, online courses, conferences. Travel; broaden your views.

It takes a lot of money, right? Well, it doesn’t have to; start by doing cheap or free things and put the money in when you’ll believe more in it.

Watch great videos. Read amazing articles. Find inspiring questions. Buy a couple of used books. This won’t cost you more than your 3-day coffee-to-go budget.

Start adopting the constantly growing mindset, remove the distractions. Focus on life, and everything else will be much easier.

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