COVID Can Be The Best Period Of Your Life

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It’s a wonderful Saturday morning. The sky is blue; the sun is shining. Yet, looking out of my window, I can’t see anyone. The streets are dead. The authorities are doing everything to make people stay at home, and I support them.

We must act responsibly to overcome this together.

The amounts of calls are enormous these days; I get a lot of them from my friends and relatives. There are two main topics in every conversation. The first one is straightforward — COVID-19.

The second one… is boredom.

Usually, people’s days are filled with many social interactions, as well as commuting, or any other time spent outside. Since everybody’s at home all the time now, they have a couple of extra hours for spending every day.

People miss everything these days, and I have to ask myself — how come they never miss themselves? All the time for presence with their wonderful beings is here; yet, everybody’s bored.

“If you are lonely when you’re alone, you are in bad company.“ — Jean-Paul Sartre

This crisis may be a hint to do something with ourselves.

Control Your Input

The COVID-19 news are all over… well, everything. Any source of information is completely filled with them these days.

I can’t help to ask myself — is it all so necessary?

Do I have to know about every single virus case in the most hidden corners of the planet? Are various simulations and conspiracy theories so important, every minute of my day?

Your brain can, will, and probably already is in a state of panic, if you fill it with the “breaking news” all the time.

At this point, you really can’t do a lot. Your responsibility is to stay at home and leave it only in the cases of an extreme emergency. Overfilling with information can only do damage.

It’s important to stay informed, but refreshing the news sources all the time leads to nowhere. Check it once per day, and fill your mind with some useful challenges instead.

You can be the source of positivity — shining bright — leading the world out of the crisis. Or you can blend with the masses, and being another rotten fruit.

There’s So Much You Can Do Right Now

I bet you had many plans about starting an online course or reading that dusty book you’ve bought a year ago. If the right time’s not now when it will be?

This is a period to take a break from the world and rethink your beliefs. What do you want to become? What do you want to create?

There’s an opportunity to stop rushing mindlessly all the time. The situation is almost forcing you to take a pause.

You can fill your head with social networks, TV shows, complaining about boredom all the time, and slip back to old reality after the crisis end.

Or you can finally connect with yourself, and start doing something meaningful. You don’t have to return to the old state after everything; you can create the new one.

If you feel bored every day, that’s just life telling you to do so.

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