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This is a wonderful age. We have an opportunity to study humanity’s most exceptional minds; their attempts to convert astonishing life experiences into content. Books, podcasts, articles; the Internet is filled with these incredible values.

In a world like this, it’s easy to fall into an illusion that the more we read, the more fruits we’ll be able to bear. Obviously, the sentence has to be rephrased:

The more knowledge we sucessfully apply to our life, the more fruits we’ll be able to bear.

Remember the school or college days, when the lecturer was explaining a certain topic to the class? It all seemed so logical then, but when you had to remember it just a couple of hours later, you didn’t know almost anything.

I won’t even talk about your abilities to explain it — they were almost nonexistent. A few more days had passed, and you almost forgot what was it about in the first place.

If you wanted to master any topic, just listening to a person of knowledge wasn’t enough. Hell, that wasn’t enough even for passing the exam.

Reading also wasn’t enough; you had to study it. I don’t know what techniques did you use, but I’m certain that it was much more than just hearing it for the first time, especially if you were hunting A’s.

You invested so much effort into a countless number of topics, many of which are unimportant to your life.

Why did you study the average amount of rainfall in the Amazon rainforest so comprehensively, and now you jump so quickly over a book whose knowledge can literally transform every part of your life?

Learn from the student days, and keep improving your learning techniques. Because knowledge from the right book — can change everything for you.

First, Pick Carefully

In this case, quality absolutely crashes quantity. Don’t hesitate to take your time selecting the right book.

First, ask yourself: What do you want to create? Which problems do you want to fix? Is it something about your mindset, relationships, or maybe career? Whatever it is, have a crystal clear idea.

After you found your topic, investigate the books for that field. Read the reviews, recommendations, and summaries.

Remember, you selected a topic that is an extremely challenging part of your life, and solving it would have an enormous positive impact. That’s why you shouldn’t rush; research lasting a couple of days is nothing.

Learn by Explaining

Don’t read a book — study it.

Wonderful, you found a book that perfectly solves your problem. A physical one is preferred, so you used the magic of the modern world and got a book with that amazing next-day delivery option. Located in your favorite armchair, it’s a perfect time for reading.

But this time, the reading session will be different. Your whole perspective about this act has to change. You’re not just reading anymore.

You’re studying the topic hard; finding ways to drastically improve your life with the learned knowledge.

That’s why you won’t jump onto the next chapter after the first one. You will take a notebook instead, and summarize everything you’ve learned in it. Reread the same chapter again, and pull out everything that seems valuable.

If you don’t understand something — read it once again. Read it five more times, search for the explanations on the Internet. Again, you’re changing your life with this, so invest as much energy as you can.

Don’t use just the author's words in the process of knowledge extractions — use your own explanations. Knowledge is much more valuable if you can explain it, not just repeat it. Can it even be considered as knowledge if you can only repeat it, without being able to explain it?

Explaining the content in your own words makes it way likelier for your mind to adopt it. By doing it, content is not logical only for your conscious mind, but for the subconscious too.

Create a Plan, and Apply it to Life

The knowledge you have after studying one chapter is incomparably larger than after just reading it quickly. You actually understand what the author tried to say, and you can explain it to yourself or someone else.

It wasn’t easy, you had to read the chapter carefully 4 times, research online for another hour, and write 4 pages about it. It might seem like a lot of time, but do you know how much did it take for the author to get that knowledge?

That exceptional being had to live an outstanding life, mindfully observing its mind and surroundings, learning from every experience they had, just to write that one chapter. Is a couple of hours really so much then?

But all that knowledge won’t mean so much to you if you don’t apply it. Any tool is useless if we keep it locked in the drawer.

To master anything, one has to practice it. Or, in other words, one has to repeat the appropriate action many times to succeed. The action’s content and timing have to be precisely determined. Observe every skill you have in this moment of life — I assure you that you repeated the right action many times to get there.

That’s why this is a crucial step. Analyze your life — where could you apply this knowledge? How can you start with the experimenting right now?

Decide exactly what will you do, when will you do it, and how will you track the results. Plan carefully, and stick to that plan. The priceless wisdom you’ve just learned has to become a part of you, and there’s no way to do without the practice.

If you don’t actively pursue it — the knowledge will vanish. We’re getting filled with information all the time, and the content of our minds can be easily replaced if we don’t pay attention to it.

Don’t Care About the Necessary Time

“This process takes a lot of time; I’ll need weeks or even months to finish a single book.” — Your mind right now

Yes, it’s true. The amount of time you’ll spend on completing a book can be much higher than by doing “the old way”.

Even though the time spent will be 5 times larger than before, the results will be 500 times larger.

You will adopt the invaluable knowledge being grasped by the author’s magnificent mind for a lifetime, and step on a road to solving your life’s biggest challenges.

Your life will truly change because your mind adopted the book’s philosophy. You could have read 5 books in the same period, but the changes afterward would be barely noticeable.

What are 2 months of studying compared to a lifetime of invaluable benefits?

Don’t focus on the time; focus on the results instead.

Your Next Steps

Hey, this process can be applied to any content available, not only books. For example, you can try it right now, with this article.

Let this become your new learning technique, which will drastically improve the results of anything you attempt.

Do my words seem so logical, you understand everything? Great, then take a test and explain it to yourself! I bet you’ll need to read them again.

But it doesn’t matter, read as many times as you need to. A quality studying session of one article completely beats a quick read over 10 of them.

You’re working on your life here, the only thing that you actually have, from the moment of birth until the last breath. Isn’t it worth the time?

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