Why Rushing Destroys Our Lives

Domagoj Vidovic
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We live in a face-paced world; our lives are filled with obligations. For easier cooperation, we’ve invented time — a helpful tool for better planning.

Even though it creates a lot of order, time can create an enormous amount of stress. We always have to arrive somewhere on time, we must catch that train, we must hurry up.

Rushing is a terrible habit — something that removes us from the present, violently forcing us to hurry up for the near future. That future is often filled with tension — the one our mind was constantly building up before getting there.

Rushing is an evil that becomes your brain pattern — you start to do it even if you don’t have to be anywhere on time. It’s a wonderful weekend, you don’t have to do anything; still, you can’t be calm because of all the imaginary things you have to get done. Sounds familiar?

The Present Is Destroyed

Living a fulfilled life means enjoying what we have, now. If we rush, we can’t enjoy the now; we constantly worry if we will arrive on time to experience the anxious future.

You’ll come to your goal either way. You can choose if that path is going to be filled with stress — or fulfillment. You can either gratefully observe the world around you; or stare at your own, anxious thoughts, just creating more of them.

By rushing, you practice running away from the now. The present moment is the only thing you have, nothing else is happening right now. The past has already gone; the future is not here yet — the present is the only thing you can look straight in the eyes.

If you deny the only thing that is actually happening, you create a lot of resistance. Acceptance of the present moment is acceptance of your current self.

The more we accept the self, the more fulfilled we will be.

You’re not a successful person if you act busy, rushing all the time. Time is here so we could plan our lives easier — let’s take it to our advantage.

If you don’t rush, you’re always on time.

How To Solve It

Even though the vast majority of situations in your life don’t have a certain time, a few have. You maybe have a meeting tomorrow at 9 AM, or you have to pick up the kids right at 3 PM.

Take a moment to write down all of those events, but only those for which you can’t be late even by a minute.

There isn’t so much of them, right? Why are you rushing so much? Where do you have to go?

But for those written ones, let’s create a plan. You can approximate the preparation time for any of those. To be sure you’ll make it, start 15 minutes early. For absolute certainty, start 30 minutes early.

You’ll be able to do everything relaxed. Getting ready for the job doesn’t have to be a super-stressing thing where you do 4 things at once; it can be as relaxing as your preparation for dinner on holiday. It just takes a little bit of practice.

Those 15–30 minutes can delete so much stress out of your life.

Observe your thoughts for the other events too, where you don’t have to come exactly at a certain time. When rushing thought patterns arise, ask yourself — what terrible thing will happen if I start to do it 15 minutes later?

The answer will be no in 99% of scenarios. That answer is proof that you don’t need to rush anywhere; that you can enjoy yourself in the present moment, and that you’ll accomplish your goal either way.

Control the time — don’t let it control you.

You Don’t Have To Be Anywhere

It’s time to set priorities.

Are you constantly going to worry? What do you owe to anyone?

Where do you have to go?

Are you going to die if you arrive at the grocery store at 6:15 PM instead of 6 PM?

If you don’t stop this pattern on your own, it will always be here. You’ll keep anxiously running away from the present, catching every new moment.

In that new moment, you’ll just be catching a new one. It will never be enough.

If the present doesn’t fulfill you, neither will the future.

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