The One Thing Every Centenarian Has In Common

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“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” — Albert Einstein

I’ve been reading a lot of advice recently from people who are 100+ years old.

That age is not a coincidence; it’s a continuous effort to keep their minds and bodies healthy. A healthy mind is way more important — a healthy body comes as a consequence here.

Most of them are quite vital — they still walk, cook; think and speak better than many middle-aged people.

They all have different images of what life actually is, but one is the same for everyone:

They’ve always thought that everything in life is happening in their favor.

Why Does That Mindset Help So Much?

Every day, we experience many different situations. In this modern world, most of them are beyond our control. We can’t control other people, but sometimes, we don’t even control our bodies and mind.

We should be on a life-long journey to master our minds, but if a situation occurs — it’s effectively done; it’s the past. We cannot change that — we can only change our reaction to it. We have the power to decide how it’s gonna influence our state of being.

Centenarians tell us that everything is happening for our own good. Every reaction has to be positive. Even if it can’t be at the moment, we must accept it; by doing that, we’re accepting the present moment and current state of self, which is a positive action by itself.

We must thrive to interpret everything positively, even if it doesn’t look like that. Our minds are sometimes incapable of understanding long-term effects; our knowledge is limited. That’s why we have hearts — their belief can interpret the situations positively, even if the mind can see only the worst points in it.

Let The Negativity Bounce Off You

Almost 2000 years ago, Epictetus said:

“Don’t demand that things happen as you wish, but wish that they happen as they do happen, and you will go on well.”

We all have fixations in our minds; certain goals we want to achieve today, tomorrow, in 5 years. That’s a great thing, we must have wishes and plan them carefully, to know which road should we ride in life.

But sometimes, we fail. We don’t achieve what we wanted by a certain date. Someone else bumps into our life and disrupts our plans. That’s perfectly fine — we don’t have control over everything.

But we can only fail if we look at the situation as a negative, dead end. If we learn from it and adapt to it, we’re winning every time.

Every situation is an opportunity to learn and grow, if we observe them that way. On the other hand, it can be an opportunity to be miserable — if our mindset works like this.

In the end, it’s all about our view. Situations are fixed; perspectives don’t have any limits.

How Can I Achieve It?

Centenarians have another thing in common, which is basically a consequence of the first point. And that is: negativity is almost non-existent in them. Whatever they talk about, it’s filled with positivity and acceptance.

We’ll get what we give. Any form of negative energy we invest in life will come back — just in a different form.

The same thing happens with positivity — it bounces back. Your actions and thoughts are like boomerangs; you label them and throw them away. At some point, they will return.

Achieving the state of positivity is a life-long journey. We cannot just react to everything positively overnight; our minds just don’t work that way. We have to be calm, gentle. And most importantly — we have to practice.

Everything you’re good at in your life is so because you’ve repeated the right actions many times — the same fact is valid here.

Try to label situations as positivity. If you can’t do it at the moment, try to accept them. If you can’t do even that, be fulfilled because you’ve tried — and that’s 50% of the process. This is great progress, and next time will be even better.

In addition to that, you can start a habit of a gratitude journal. Negative situations can often completely fill our minds; by writing down positive things from your life, we become aware that we already have everything we need for happiness.

Write every day, and remember — everything is an opportunity opportunity for being more positive.

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