Want To Start A Business? Forget About Ideas

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When speaking about starting businesses, I can often hear people waiting for a million-dollar idea to magically appear in their minds.

Many of us have a lot of great ideas; most of the time, we don’t even try to do any of them. And that’s a good thing — because we would fail.

Self-development junkies are criticizing me because of this one — we always have to try, we can achieve anything, right?

That is true, but the goal will be possible if we make the right start. Ideas are not the ones. 

At its core, business is all about solving problems. Focus on that; a flow of ideas will arise as a consequence.

The Real Problem

By solving problems, it’s usually meant to save money and time for a certain group of people. There are other types of businesses that succeed, but with this method, you cannot fail.

Observe the world around you. What problems people have? How can you improve their lives? What do they complain about?

Their problems can be a source of your wisdom.

Or even better, try to notice a problem of which they aren’t even aware. We are beings of habits; most of us don’t even think about upgrading a certain process — we just do it. If an upgrade appears — some of us will opt-in.

If you can take people’s money in exchange for more time and money, you won't even have to sell them anything; they will want to buy it by themselves.

Cool products exist and sell well. We love to spend our money, even though we actually don’t need those things. 

But behind the scene — there are many cool products that don’t sell well, and many of them that aren’t even that cool. In the beginning, they were great ideas from the point of view of an individual’s mindset; later on, one can agree that idea was great only in its mind.

You’ll have to draw a lot of attention to that type of business — and fail miserably even if you succeed in it.

The endless sea of problems is something we all have in common; pick the one you like, find its solution — and people will stand in a queue to buy it.

A Billion-Dollar Ideas

I’ve seen so many startups that look so amazing at first sight. AI; Robotics; Machine Learning stuff is going on; you get a feeling that the future is now.

When you dig deeper, you notice one thing — behind the flashy walls, there’s nothing at all. Just a gimmick; interesting concept. Whose problems will it solve? Why would somebody buy it?

Many of us won’t. A few of them will. That’s why just a few of them will succeed.

It’s great to live in such a diverse world, where anyone can have the opportunity to create anything. Use that power wisely; use it on something that has real value.

Focus on an existing problem. Break it into smaller pieces. You’ve made a strong foundation; now it’s the time for ideas. You’ll need a bunch of them to solve your problems.

Pick the right problems, and then get the ideas. If you start with the ideas, you’re missing the crucial first step. There are no shortcuts.

The Mindset Shift

Instead of waiting for a magical idea to pop in, focus on searching for the problems wherever you go — or during these times — whatever you see online. Observe them carefully, write them down.

The world is in a crazy state. Many businesses will go bankrupt, people will want different things after this ends. A massive change is about to happen.

We will let go of many things that were normal for us. We’ll value new concepts.

That gives you an enormous opportunity to jump in. 

Find something that people don’t have now — or can’t do it at all — but just thrive to do. Fill that empty hole of new values and bankrupt businesses.

Someone will.

In periods of crisis, we can do two things. The first option is to become afraid of the new change; to become desperate, thinking only about the “good times” before.

The other one is to take that time to grow, become stronger, learn; observe massive changes from a neutral point of view. Understand that this is a normal change in our lives — and that we must make our best out of it. Let’s observe what other people need.

And let’s help them; let’s give the right thing to the one who’s missing it.

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