The Biggest Misconception About Meditations

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If you’re a beginner in meditations you can probably agree that it’s hard to find a great tutorial about them. What meditations actually are? How can you do it? There are so many pieces of advice out there.

You’ve probably heard this one many times:

Meditating means removing all of your thoughts.

Even though something similar can be a meditation technique, it’s actually a false statement. If you’re not aware of it, you try to meditate, can’t remove your thoughts, and that makes you feel frustrated — you’re failing, right?

I’m here to tell you that you’re doing everything fine — and explain the technique for beginners.

What Are Thoughts?

Imagine yourself sitting beside the road. A bench is comfortable, the sun is shining; you’re watching the cars passing by. Those cars represent your thoughts. It seems so logical to watch them passing by from a distance, without any attachment to them.

What usually happens is that we often get attached to a single car; making him bigger than the other ones; creating car crashes, storms, and adding some strange cars on that road.

We don’t even watch them from the distance anymore — we’re standing in the middle of the road, constantly getting hurt.

That’s the reality for the untrained minds.

To keep the mind still, we must continue to sit and watch the cars. Let them come, let them go. No labels, no attachment. They simply — exist.

The key is to allow them to exist.

Running away from our thoughts only creates resistance — the less you want to think about something, the more you’ll think about it. It sounds paradoxical, but it just works that way.

Controlling The Cars

As I’ve already said — the key is not to select the cars or make them go away — just observe them the way they are.

Your thoughts are just a mirror of your current inner state. By not accepting them, you’re not accepting yourself; you’re disallowing the present moment to exist. The only thing that exists right now is the present moment, and if you don’t accept that, you’ll create negativity of any form.

Does that sound like you can’t do anything, just accept your misery? Maybe, but it’s certainly not true.

You’re miserable for a reason. That is your current state; by observing it, you can take actions that will prevent that state from happening in the future. By repressing it, you’re only making it worse.

Okay, what have we learned so far? Accept the thoughts; don’t run, learn from them. Okay, but how do the meditations fit in here? Let’s find out.

The Real Building Blocks Of Your Life

Take a moment to think about a certain success in your life.

It didn’t come by itself.

You had to make many positive actions to achieve it. Before them, various thoughts were passing through your mind — but the positive ones won, so you made the right actions.

If you think about it, any of your successes started with thoughts. Strong, positive, and motivating thoughts led you to take actions that took you closer to your goal.

Negative, frightening thoughts led you mostly to — giving up. It’s not that you didn’t achieve some of your goals because you took the wrong actions.

It’s because you didn’t even try. Your thoughts stopped you from doing it in the first place.

Our thoughts are the real building blocks of our life. We create everything by them; they are the core — and with their correct application — we can create miracles.

Right actions are only consequences of the carefully selected thoughts.

Everything starts in the inner world.

Please, Tell Me Something About Meditations


Your goal is to expand your self-awareness.

By meditating, you’re literally doing that. You’re watching your inner world. It might seem frightening, but remember — you’re the one who created it. The sooner you start looking at it straight in the eyes, the better.

Close your eyes, focus on the different parts of your body. Breathe deeply. If a thought passes by, observe it. Let it be there.

And then let it go.

It’s only yourself you’re looking at.

The more you accept yourself, the higher level of self-awareness you will have. Suddenly, you won’t be standing in the middle of the road, letting cars hurting you.

You’ll observe everything from the distance. You’ll raise high in the sky — and have a complete overview of the roads, and all the traffic on it. You will accept it the way it is because it’s the only thing that’s actually happening.

You create your life with your thoughts. Even though many of them can be negative at the moment, by looking them straight in the eyes, they will become smaller. And at some point — they will vanish.

This is a lifelong journey, relax and enjoy it. There are no shortcuts. The fun is in the journey itself.

In the beginning, you can easily get lost in your mind. Journaling helps a lot here; it’s like pausing your mind. You’ll react way more positively to certain thoughts after you write them down and know why they are here.

Perfection is unreachable. Even after 10 years, you’ll still have negative thoughts from time to time. But they will go as easily as they come.

Remember, you’re not your thoughts. That’s called an illusion of self.

That’s why you don’t have to rule them — just accept.

By mastering the acceptance of thoughts, you’ll become the real master of your mind.

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