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Domagoj Vidovic

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It’s 9:03 AM. Already exhausted and annoyed after rushing through the traffic, you’ve just come to your workplace. There’s so much work to do; you’re picking the first things that come to your mind.

Or maybe that other thing that was bugging you yesterday while you wanted to sleep. You’ve tried to get some rest and lied at 10 PM, but the sleep didn’t come until 2 AM. Another drowsy day is here.

You haven’t finished the first thing, and you’re already jumping to the next one. The meeting is in 1 minute, you haven’t even noticed it — your anxiety levels skyrocketed immediately.

The day is over. It’s 5:52 PM; the weather outside is so beautiful. Yet, you can see none of it; the stress completely blocked your eyes.

It’s dinner time; you’re sitting with your partner — the most important person in your life. It has something very important to tell you — but the mind strikes again. The stress blocked your ears, you can hear nothing.

You don’t feel like having sex. You try to go to sleep at 10 PM, again. No success, your mind is racing. Again.




Your life is on autopilot, the same story every day. You can’t find a way to break it.

The Problem

We live in a fast-paced world, completely overloaded with information. Our brains just can’t process that automatically; we have to invest time in various strategies when tackling the challenge.

Our workplace is something that can cause enormous levels of stress, and there are various reasons for that: no motivation, wrong mindset, no knowledge, no planning. Solution for some of them is complex, but for the others — pretty simple.

Let’s imagine that you have a lot of work for the upcoming week. You’ll have to do 23 different tasks, some of them are smaller, some bigger. 23 isn’t such a huge number, right?

But in your mind, that number doesn’t exist. You just pick up the first task, and you’re not even aware of how many you have left. Your mind only knows you have a lot of work — for the mind, the number is infinite.

Also, you don’t have a plan for when will you tackle any of those tasks. You don’t even know how many of them exist, how is possible to plan the times then?

Your mind is constantly trying to solve the problems you’re giving to it.

The mind is happy if problems are well defined and there’s a plan for their execution. 

The mind is anxious if it can’t provide you a solution. Before a solution, a problem has to be well defined at first. But hey, you don’t even know how many tasks you have to do, how can you define a problem and its execution plan? The mind is stressed.

The Solution

After arrival at your workplace, don’t just rush into the tasks without any plan. That creates a lot of space for undefined problems, and you will be stressed.

Relax, make yourself a nice coffee or tea. If you don’t have time, come to the job 15 minutes earlies — just don’t rush. Rushing translates directly to stress.

Sit down, and make a plan. Write down all of the things you need to get done today. Create a plan for when and how will you tackle them. Don’t go into a lot of details, but try to have a clear picture of your upcoming day.

Imagine your day as a movie that already happened. What are your chapters? Choose them. Write them down, either on a laptop or paper.

Don’t spend more than 15 minutes on this. If you know that new tasks are likely to come, plan space for them. Don’t be overwhelmed when they come — it’s happening every day, what makes you so confused?

The Effect

By doing this, you’re making your day so clear and structured — you know exactly when you have to do something, and how will you tackle it. After you’re done with it, you know for sure that there’s nothing left. 

You feel fulfilled because you’ve done great work; everything you had to.

Imagine you have 5 tasks you have to do in one day. In the first case, you’ve made a plan, and everything is so clear. You’ve calmly completed 4 of them, and the 1 remaining is postponed for the day after. But you’re aware of it and have a defined plan for it — so the mind is happy.

In the second case, you don’t even know there are 5 tasks — 5 becomes infinite in reality. You’ve completed 7 tasks in such a rush; you’re going home and you’re super stressed because you don’t even know how many tasks you did. And how about the ones for tomorrow? You don’t know anything. Infinite minus 7 is still infinite — that’s how your mind sees your day. The mind is anxious.

Some time will need to pass — your mind has to adapt to a new habit. Do this every day, don’t rush to work. Try to be calm and grateful for your life. If you start your day by rushing, the momentum you created will affect the whole day. 

Rushing planlessly every day makes you chronically stressed — that’s the worst thing you can do to your precious life. 

Breathe deeply. Don’t rush. Be grateful for the present moment.

It’s that simple.

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