This Is Stopping You From Success

Domagoj Vidovic

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You have an idea about what should your life look like. You stick to that idea, you just want it to happen. Huge things are accomplished, they fulfill you for a short time. But then, the new goals and ideas start to grow in your mind, and you constantly try to achieve them.

It’s never enough. It can always be better; you always have something that drags you away from the present moment.

It’s not possible that absolutely everything, even the smallest things, goes the way you want to, all the time.

Many things can go your way. But there will always be at least one that doesn’t.

Our power lies in the ability to accept situations that are different than the way we imagined at first.

How to Be Doomed

Our goals sometimes depend on things that aren’t completely in our control. Since we don’t have the full responsibility for whether the goal will end up positive, it’s not healthy to let those things to harass you.

Even if we do have complete control over it — it’s completely normal to not succeed 100% in your goals. Things like perfection are just the models; nothing like it exists in this world.

Think endlessly; seek for perfection while enjoying the path, and you’ll end up with excellence.

Even those negative things can seem small from the outside, they can become massive in one’s mind. One can focus on a single small negative situation, and it can overtake its whole mind.

But it’s not that bad at all — it’s just a thought which you fed way too much.

The more attention you give to a thought, the stronger it will become.

Focusing on those, mostly small negative things can make a hell of one’s life.

You Choose What You Focus On

You have so many things to be grateful for. Observe them; question the obvious. Meaningful things are sometimes so difficult to see, and in the end, they seem to be exactly in front of our noses.

Accept what’s happening, be grateful for it. A chance that you’re alive right now in this universe is way smaller than winning the biggest lottery ever. Don’t take it for granted; there’s a lot of energy in this chance that needs to be drained.

Focus on the positive things that are happening in your life. The ones you’re not so satisfied with will always be here. Accept them, don’t resist the only thing that’s happening.

And that way, they will become positive. Either you’ll make them better, or you wouldn’t care about them at all. Any negative impact wouldn’t exist.

Remember — you have a wonderful life. Crate and respect your life plan, and observe everything as a challenge. Learn from every situation — there won’t be good or bad things in that way — everything will be wisdom, out of which you can grow and learn.

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