How To Jump Out Of The Comfort Zone

Domagoj Vidovic

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We came on this planet at the age of zero; carrying around nothing but an invisible bag filled with time. Extraordinary potential as a human being has the power to convert it into remarkable triumphs.

The flow of creativity goes through our bodies since the earliest days. We create castles out of the sand, fight like superheroes, imagining anything. The start is virtuous, our time is rationally spent.

Still, we continue to hear that life is going to be tough. A couple of embarrassing situations happens and we young, unconscious children begin to run from ourselves. Who wants to be the one that no one wants to be with?

The process of alienating has become.

I’m a shy person. I’m not interested in this. I’ve never done this before, why should I do it now?

As our childhood continues to flow, we experience hundreds and thousands of different situations every day, especially in this overstimulated world. We are addicted to parents, teachers, adults; they provide us with accommodation, knowledge, and food.

That’s why we create a wrong assumption — the adults know everything. And we will listen to them.

Millions of situations create our personalities. Everyone around us is so clever, we have to listen to them. They said it on the news, how could they be wrong? Listen, relax, and do. Don’t think.

Our consciousness starts to develop, but our power to direct it seems nonexistent. We can think, but we cannot choose what to think about. Our memories and beliefs guide us somewhere, and we just go. We don’t know where; we’re afraid to ask why exactly here.

We do everything to run away from the real why.

We’re adults now, a bit different from the ideas in our childhood. Everybody around us is lost, hiding with more or less success behind their money-career-looks facade.

What were you like before society told you who you have to become?

Walls so High, Looking After Something so Small

The longer we stay unaware, running from our true selves, the higher we built the walls of the comfort zone around us. What might be an amazing opportunity to change our lives for the better will stay untouched; walls cannot be broken. A feeling of uncertainty is saying that we should not try.

The power of intuition was lost years ago. Sometimes it appears, but Ego slams it immediately.

“How could you even think about this? It’s not safe! The only thing safe is what we have, it will last forever!”

Driven by our old beliefs, we create the same reality, because we continue to give the same input, resulting in the same output. We slowly decline, but we can’t see it — it could be worse, we say.

Our limiting beliefs are best friends with our Ego, whose only job is to keep us safe. Safe means everything familiar. Our life episodes on repeat, bringing the same negativities, just in different forms.

Can I Please Crush It?

Our beliefs and perceptions of reality are destroying us. To succeed, we must be able to agree that everything we might know — is not correct. Absolutely everything. Even this article, right now. It has to be filtered through your carefully crafted system of beliefs, and you’re the one who has to decide what will you bring on your journey.

They are many extremely intelligent people all around the world, working in the wealthiest corporations, trying to make us live the lifestyle they want, so we could buy things they sell. So we would think and behave the way they want.

To crush the wall, crush yourself first. You’ll see that another version of you lives beyond that wall, and is doing exactly what you want. You can’t be both of them; decide who you want to be.

Grab a pen and a piece of paper. Write down everything you’ve done today, yesterday, a week ago.

And start asking why. How did this ended up in your life — and were you really the one who chose it?

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