Hate Your Job? Try This

Domagoj Vidovic


You were young and creative; without any problems. You had a dream of becoming a painter. The dream is awake inside of you since your earliest memories of yourself.

Your parents didn’t like it so much. Who’s gonna pay your bills, solve your real-life problems? Get a degree.

Everyone else’s opinion was the same. Doctors, lawyers, and engineers end up well in this life. They get high-paying jobs, they have the desired status symbol.

You were so young, unaware of anything. Those words ended up in your subconscious mind; the seeds were planted. They grew into your beliefs — you think that the status symbol is what you have to chase in life! You resist your inner voice and try to shut down that artist screaming inside of you.

Listen to the Masses

You see it everywhere around yourself. On the TV, on the Internet, out of the mouth of the other people. Getting a job respected by the masses is a ticket to your fulfillment. If everyone says so, what else can you do? You believe it.

That playful artist was still visible inside of you while you were in high school. But later, parents refused to help you further if you have chosen that path. Engineering is such a wanted job these days, what do you mean by your hippie requests?

So, you made a decision. You’ve chosen engineering!

Artist is still inside of you, but you can’t hear it out of the environment. In the end, what do you know? Listen to other people; they know the best.

You’ve finished your studies, what’s next? Well, why shouldn’t you start to climb up the corporate ladder? You’ve heard the choice is right.

You made it. Your Linkedin profile is filled with your successes, you drive a car you want, everyone envies you. You got another promotion yesterday.

But hey. You’re so depressed. You’re anxious, and you cannot sleep. You sometimes just want to disappear when you wake up. Yet, you get up and do again the work you hate so much.

When Environmental Beliefs Occupy Your Mind

You’re living the other people’s dream — not your own. Everything looks blissful on the paper, but under the surface, your inner being is slowly dying.

It doesn’t matter what everyone else says or thinks. In the end, nobody is probably thinking about you — they’re preoccupied with their problems, same as you. Even if the thought about yourself sometimes passes through their minds, it means nothing for you.

Would those people make you fulfilled? Will those people give you resources for life?

They won’t.

So stop building your life based on their opinions.

It’s possible to have dreams you actually don’t want to achieve — just because of the strong pressure of other people’s opinions. Reconnect with your being, listen to your inner voice. It always knows the best.

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