2 Questions That Will Change Your Life

Domagoj Vidovic


I want you to step out of your head, and take a look at how young humanity is. Especially the last 10000 years, it literally a blink of an eye compared to the age of our planet or universe. We are so young.

By being aware of this fact, one can realize easier we still have so many things to learn. We know a lot, but it is nothing compared to the undiscovered things.

Can you imagine the knowledge we’ll have in 100, 10000, or million years from now? And still, a million is a relatively small number compared to a couple of billions. Our possibilities are massive.

By listening to successful people, reading books and meaningful articles, exploring yourself and your life, and other similar activities, we can discover principles that will lead us through life.

Apply them, and use your possibilities.

In the end, we all. originate from the same species, so there are some patterns that are applicable to everyone. For every challenge in life, ask yourself:

1. Do I have absolute control over it?

Our effectiveness and wellbeing depend drastically on our mood. It’s not a secret that a good mood positively affects relationships, health, success, and motivation in general.

How difficult is it for you to do the work, or talk with your partner when you’re furious, compared to the state when you’re fulfilled?

Quite difficult, I would say. Your whole perception of life depends on your mood.

You can spend a sunny day on a beautiful beach, surrounded by delightful nature, and still feel terrible if you have something you drag in your mind. On the other hand, you might feel so fulfilled by walking home during the storm, if you’re in a positive mood at that time.

Another fact is that people’s moods can be influenced by so many things, like weather, traffic, other people’s opinions and behavior, the past… And all of those things have something in common: you don’t have control over them.

If you’re often affected by them, you are making your life dependant on external conditions. You are controlled by uncontrollable things. You don’t have a choice.

Imagine if somebody takes your body and relocates it somewhere you don’t want to be. You would surely notice that, and want to come back to a nice place!

If you let the external things influence your mind, you’re doing exactly that — letting others take your mind to the places you don’t like.

Not because you’re unintelligent or something similar. It’s because you’re not aware of yourself, your mind, and the fact that you have complete control only over your mind, so you should invest your time and energy only in itself.

As I’ve said, you can’t control traffic or someone else’s words. What you can, is control your reaction to a certain event.

There’s an empty space between a situation and your reaction to it. Your power lies within.

It isn’t a written rule to become furious if you end up in a traffic queue. You can’t fly over the cars. What you can do, is become aware of yourself becoming angry, by consciously seeing those unconscious thoughts rising up.

And then, you can calm yourself down, put some music on, tell yourself that you will arrive at the destination at the same time, no matter if you’re angry or not. You have absolute control over your reaction. Use it.

Or become furious every time you end up in a traffic jam. It’s your choice.

2. Do I benefit long term from it?

If you unconsciously repeat your automatic behavior, nothing good happens. You’re just training yourself to be even better at repeating that bad behavior again because we practice by repetition.

By becoming conscious in those situations, by asking the right question, your mind will start to search for new answers. The more often you repeat it, the better.

At some point, you will find the answer in your mind and know if you’re doing something right. If it’s a real benefit or just a short term pleasure.

By investing your time in long term benefits, also knows as good habits and good thought patterns, you will get the joys of life which you just cannot get out of something short term.

Everything that’s short-term pleasure has a cost — you feel the pleasure now, then you regret it later. And it’s slowly destroying some part of your life, whether that short term pleasure is a cigarette, alcohol, or unhealthy food.

The amount of positive feelings that you can get out of being healthy and being in a good mood is indescribable.

I look at my mind as a garden. I plant fruits, vegetables, flowers, and beautiful trees in it. When they grow, I can pick their fruits; look and feel their beauty and energy. Those are good habits and good thoughts, long term benefits.

Sometimes you don’t feel the effect immediately, but you’re still fulfilled when you’re planting it because you know what will come up. You are aware of delayed gratification.

Don’t let the environment bumps you around. You have the power to resist the bumps, and it’s called your mind. It’s is your biggest asset. To have the possibilities to use it properly; be curious about it. Investigate.

You can’t win if you don’t play.

Read, write, observe your thoughts, your life. Surround yourself with quality information. Apply that to your life. Don’t know how? It doesn’t matter, you’ve just started; you will learn by experimenting and not quitting.

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