Your Skepticism Is Holding You Back

Domagoj Vidovic

“Our only limitations are those we set up in our own minds.” — Napoleon Hill

When observing the greatest people in history, one statement often comes in the road:

They were ahead of their time.

Meaning, those people weren’t limited by public opinion, science, or the “popular” restrictions of that time. Boundaries didn’t exist for them; they were thinking endlessly, and that’s what got them to their discoveries.

They need nobody to back them up, only themselves. By observing their minds, inner power started to arise, making them answer the questions that seemed even impossible to think of at that period.

The world today is changing rapidly. Our technology and science experienced enormous growth in the last 50 years, and because of it, public opinion right now is that our knowledge is massive. So massive, that we sometimes think that nothing else can be discovered; we have it already.

Public opinions can be toxic because if we don’t question them enough, we will just unconsciously adopt them, and absorb a limitation without even knowing it.

Rejecting something without even questioning makes it impossible to happen since we don’t have a core building block for it — a belief.

Those beliefs are placing huge boundaries in our minds. To get rid of them, we must do what the greatest did — think ahead of our time.

The Future Generations Will Be Uncomparabely More Advanced Than We Are

The first step in destroying the boundaries is understanding the fact that we know almost absolutely nothing. Sure, you’re reading this on your hi-res screen smartphone and you’ve might taken a powerful pill to make your headache go away, so you think that we have it all.

But those are just toys. In a hundred, thousand, or millions of years from now, it won’t be anything more than a wired telephone from the 1950s.

Those discoveries are crucial for future ones, I’m not trying to make them small. What I’m trying to say that it’s not the biggest invention humanity can discover, and by understanding it, you can break free from the limitations of this age.

There are certainly bigger things for us to figure out. What we don’t even have a clue about is:

What is life?
What is universe?
What’s the origin of everything?
What makes the gravitational force?
Why are we here?

So many questions like this can be asked, yet, none of them can be answered. Unanswered, they are the fuel for humanity.

So many other questions will have to be answered before those above. We’re not even aware of most of them; they’ll just appear during our journey.

One thing is for sure — we will either find those answers or extinct.

Curiosity is a core characteristic of human beings. It’s what’s driving us to live, to learn, to create. Without it, our urge to live and move ahead won’t exist. If we aren’t interested in doing what seems impossible at first, we wouldn’t exist right now. What’s the point of doing something if nothing makes sense, and we don’t want to do it at all?

But we want to do it. Our intuition is telling us to move forward. That all of this has some meaning, just that we’re not being able to understand it.

Yet. But still, intuition beats the hell out of knowledge at any time period.

It will drive us to the discoveries that are completely unimaginable right now. Who are we to set the limits for them? Instead of making the limits, why don’t we assume the opposite, and ask:

Is there any real proof that this is impossible?

There probably isn’t. Ask yourself this question for anything you doubt in. And break your limited belief with it.

Setting the Limits of Our Inner World

If you kinda understand that discoveries in the future will be unimaginable, how could you assume that the possibilities of our minds are so limited?

Endless minds discovered what seemed impossible for the time, by not believing in those boundaries. Everyone was saying to them they were wrong — they didn’t listen to them. And they become huge.

People these days are so skeptical about the meditations, law of attraction, power of imagination, and so many more things that aren’t accepted by the masses, taught in schools, or written in the mass media.

By believing in the public opinion, you’re doing exactly the opposite of what the greatest did — locking yourself into this age. Instead of growing your wonderful mind up to the size of a planet, you’re just leaving it here at the size of a smaller city.

Why wouldn’t you believe in mediation? If you can train your muscles, why wouldn’t you be able to train your mind?

We can be limited by “proven” discoveries of our time, or we can choose to think endlessly. Everything is around us, we have to curiously observe it, making our own image of the world. There’s no limitation in the personalizations, instead of ones we create by ourselves.

“Look deep, deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” — Albert Einstein

If everybody’s doing and thinking something, it doesn’t mean that it’s true. The greatest minds were always questioning everything, and by doing that, they created minds that were practically unlimited compared to the average human.

People from the 19th, 15th, or 1st century didn’t have the goals to think like someone from the 21st.

They were thinking endlessly. Time didn’t exist. They observed the nature of everything and looked for the answers without any skepticism.

They’ve experienced something and upgraded their mindsets according to it. There wasn’t a problem with letting go of a certain belief if they found out it was false. It was a proper servant until that moment, but for the best, it had to be released.

Don’t believe by default everything you hear. Don’t even believe in this article. Read it, study it, try it, and then decide if there’s a piece of knowledge that might be useful for your journey.

Question all of your actions, all of your beliefs. Create your own perspective of a world. Sizes can vary, and boundaries you make in your mind have a direct negative impact on them, making them so tiny.

We don’t know how far can humanity get. By observing the greatest right now, we can all agree:

For them, limitations didn’t exist. Their perspectives were unlimited. Why should yours be any different?

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