The Ultimate Reason Why You Feel Lost

Domagoj Vidovic

Your life is a constant battle between two beings inside you.

One is your true self — who does exactly what you want to do; who always takes you to the right place if you allow it. People like to call it — the heart.

The other one constantly calculates the risks, cares about social status and other people’s opinions. Also known as — the mind.

The goal we want to achieve is the harmony between the heart and mind — converting a battle into a partnership.

Mind If I?

The primary goal for your mind is to keep you safe, not to achieve extraordinary success. Only trained minds will support you on your path to the divine, otherwise, they will always find a reason to make you quit.

Since the moment of your birth, you’ve experienced an enormous number of situations. Unaware or aware of them, the mind processed them, building your character and knowledge over time.

One can easily notice that the vast majority of situations were experienced unawares; especially when we were younger. Your greatest fear right now could be a result of a single situation that happened while you were 5 years old.

Your reaction at that time was really negative; the mind labeled it as something terrible. To keep you safe, it will keep repeating the negative talk when similar, but not the same situation occurs again — just building up that fear over and over.

Another important characteristic is closely connected to the first one: to avoid danger, the mind will prefer familiar situations. That’s the reason why you feel unpleasant if you’re breaking your comfort zone. New habits are dangerous for the mind; everything will be done to revert you to your old self.

While you were young and unaware, you couldn’t properly post-process the situations seen on TV, or see the dangers in “advises” from your family, friends, and teachers. The mind labeled that environment as something positive and familiar. That’s why you feel so dependant on social status and other people’s opinions — just because your mind is totally used to that world.

An untrained mind uses limited knowledge from your past and wants you to remain the same.

It will try to solve the problem you gave to it, but the result will largely depend on your character and presentation.

Unlimited Source of Knowledge Within You

You shouldn’t have a negative opinion about the mind — it’s an extremely useful tool if used correctly; essential for our survival. But using it incorrectly creates huge amounts of noise and pain; because of it, we’re not able to hear our hearts.

Their heart speaks in the language of intuition — the only one it understands; that’s why natural languages and words like “Everything will be great” will never solve the problem.

You might say that you don’t have intuition. The reason for that is the high level of noise the mind creates — because of it, you didn’t even have the chance to learn the language of intuition. Imagine a situation where you’ve never heard of French, Japanese, or any other natural language; does that make them non-existent?

Intuition lives inside your body, and to hear it, you have to slow your mind. The reason why meditation is so powerful is that it reduces the amount of noise in your mind, making it possible to finally hear the intuition clearly. That’s why meditation completely changes one’s life — it starts to listen to its true self, instead of millions of other talking to it through its mind.

There are many extremely intelligent people in this world, creating advertisements, selling their products, promoting their ideas. If you don’t decide to choose your own thoughts and create yourself — they surely will. It’s their job, and they are excellent at it.

Tapping Into Intuition

Just to be clear, meditation will not magically solve your problems — you will become more aware of them, you will get many new different points of view — but in the end, you’re the one who needs to take the right actions to solve your challenge.

To reduce the amount of the mind’s noise, you first have to detect what the noise actually is.

To do so, one needs to observe its thoughts. Start with your goals — why do you want to achieve them? Do you want to impress somebody else, or are they your true passion? Continue with your habits — do you do something because everyone else does, or because you carefully analyzed it and decided to adopt it into your life? What about the things you like, the city you live in, the things you eat?

Everything that’s not you — is the noise. Meditation will get you a clear view of those things, and a decision to let them go will be much easier. Remember, this is not something you will do overnight. It’s a lifelong journey. The great thing is that the benefits are visible immediately — and they continue to grow exponentially over time.

You Still Didn’t Tell Me Why I Feel Lost.

Even though people want a quick fix for everything, there are no such things in life. I can’t say the magical words and change your life — but those words might be magical if they become a part of who you are.

Now when you know more about the heart and mind — here’s the real reason:

You feel lost because you listen to your mind instead of the heart. You do something you think everyone else likes, but you don’t. The heart expresses negative emotions because it can’t express itself; the mind is constantly solving problems you don’t care about.

As I’ve said, this process takes a lot of time. Start slowly — you don’t want to make a gigantic shock to your mind — it’s quite clever and it will return you to the old state.

Meditate, read books, become more aware of yourself. Start journaling, get a coach, see a psychotherapist. Attack one problem at a time — remember that old one, 1% better every day? You do the math, the result is enormously positive.

To make a great shift, change your physical habits one by one; change your thought habits as well. Negative thinking is as bad as smoking; or to be honest, much worse — smoking is a single bad habit, while negative thinking will create a dozen of them.

Change of environment helps a lot — if you have opportunities, move to another city, at least for a couple of months. The mind likes the familiar, remember? By going to the unknown, new patterns will be born, and you will have greater control over the results.

Why Should I Do That, It Sounds Like So Much Work?

It sounds like a lot of work just because you’re completely used to your current situation. You see only with your mind because that’s what you’ve been told; after all, the brain is right behind our eyes so it creates an even bigger illusion that it’s responsible for everything.

After you start making changes consistently; catch that flow — life will become tremendously fun. It will become your favorite game in which you are fully immersed, doing exactly what you want, feeling like you have everything.

Small things will become enormous. A feeling of a water drop in your shower will feel outstanding with the ability to soak in that vibration completely; a walk in nature will feel like everything’s united; everything is one.

Everything you do will make sense, people will treat you differently because you will be guided by the heart. Exceptional people produce incredible work with their hearts while using the mind only as a tool — not the other way around.

They’re not imaginary. They’re not born like that.

They choose to observe different things, make different actions; listen to their true selves instead of everyone else. You’re not any different — choose wisely.

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