The Design Psychology


Your audience is made up of the people who will benefit from your design, whether it's a Web site or a medical device or something in between.
And what you know or don't know about your audience has a significant impact on their whole experience.
What are their thoughts? How do they make their decisions? What makes people want to click, buy, or do whatever you want them to do?
You'll also learn what draws their attention, what mistakes they'll make and why, and other things that will help you improve your design.
You'll also design better because I've already done the majority of the difficult job.
I'm one of those odd folks that enjoys reading research. There was a lot of research.
So I read dozens of books and hundreds of research articles, some of which I re-read. My favorite theories, concepts, and research papers were chosen.
Then I coupled them with the knowledge I've gathered over the years as a technology interface designer.
And you hold the outcome: 100 things I believe you should know about people.

Your brain doesn't get what you see.
You believe that while you walk about looking at the world, your eyes send data to your brain, which interprets it and provides you with a genuine sense of "what's out there." But the truth is that your brain's interpretation isn't always the same as what your eyes observe.

Person see cues that inform them of what to do with an object.
You've probably encountered a door handle that doesn't work as it should: the handle seems like it should be pulled, but it actually has to be pushed.
Objects in the real world communicate with you about how you should and can interact with them. Doorknobs, for example, tempt you to grab and turn because of their size and shape.
Computer screens perceived affordances
Consider the aff ordances of things on the screen while designing an application or a Web site. Have you ever wondered why people desire to click on a button, for example? Cues in the button's shadow indicate that it can be pushed in the same manner that a button on a real device can.

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